Sometimes on your quest to be great, you run into a little obstacle.

Okay maybe a BIG one!

The question is, “Is it an uphill battle you’re trekking or a losing one?”

What’s the difference?

One is worth fighting for.

How do you know the difference?

That’s the big question isn’t it?

Should I keep going or should I quit while I’m ahead?

You may be on the straight and narrow towards your dreams. Working hard to accomplish a goal or fulfill a purpose. But you keep encountering new problems, feel burnout and things just don’t feel like they are fitting into place.

This is the time when you need to make a decision.

Do you keep investing your time and energy to pursue that dream or do you stop, refocus and go in a different direction?

I think for some of us, quitting or giving up a dream feels like failure, defeat. We’ve trekked this far, why not keep going ahead?

Well if you’re on the right path and you’re just running into obstacles on your journey, you might want to keep going. Right now, you could be feeling frustrated, confused and just need some motivation.

IF that’s the case, don’t give up!

Anyone who’s ever ran a marathon or accomplished something extraordinary will tell you the pain in the process was worth it in the end.

But if you’re doing something that doesn’t make your heart sing for at least some of the time, or if you don’t have moments where you’re getting back something return, you should reconsider what you’re doing. You may be fighting a losing battle.

That’s a battle filled with struggle after struggle without any respite. A never ending uphill battle with no joy, no reward, no purpose or meaning.

It’s like what my husband says my biking uphill must feel like. “It’s not good because even after you work hard to get up the hill, you don’t enjoy going downhill either.”

Although I love bike riding, I’m not a fan of the uphill trek or the downhill reward later. It’s a losing battle for me.

That losing battle for you may be spending energy on a specific marketing tasks for your business that’s wasting time and not getting you anywhere. In that case, you may need to think up a different strategy or save the time and hire someone to do it for you. Or you could be working on a relationship that just doesn’t fit. If you feel like you’re forcing something to make it happen, maybe it’s time to let it go.

It’s like that story about the fly I heard once. Flies who can only see one way of escaping-flying into the glass window in front of them will die. Those that think of new ways (an open door) will survive.

Which fly are you?

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