You may have a blog, sell jewelry or work for a nonprofit. In all cases, writing something that inspire others is important.

Inspirational writing is actually quite versatile. Even seemingly non-inspiring pieces inspire others in surprising ways.

Think about what makes you bookmark a site or click through the pages of a particular blog every day. For me, it’s a person’s ability to express their passion whether it’s home decor or psychology. There’s something he or she is able to do and convey and it makes you want to be better. Then, you know you’ve found something inspiring.

If you’re scratching your head, confused about how to inspire others, don’t worry. I’ve compiled a list of five things you can do right now to infuse inspiration in your writing.

Here they are:

1. Be authentic. In the short-term, catchy titles and cool pictures can attract lots of attention. But usually what has staying power is the potential of the brand/website to have something worthy and genuine about it. Think for a minute. Think about all the products you buy and the websites you visit religiously. What is it that makes you loyal? For me, businesses and entrepreneurs that seem real, genuine, and authentic are key to making me invest both my time and money.

2. Be human. One thing that’s a big turn-off for me is getting slammed by sales-y emails from companies. Yes, I know they want my money, but I’m less likely to give it to them, when I feel more like a number and less than a human being. If you have a great product and are sincerely passionate about what you do, let that shine through. And remember your audience and your customers. They are human too.

3. Be personal. When I worked as an executive for a nonprofit organization, one of the things we were taught is how to give speeches. Since we were basically asking people for money on a daily basis, we needed to learn how to inspire others to give. Part of doing so was being personal. If you have a story about your business or about your experience that can touch another person, share it with them. Put it in your about page or write a blog about it. People want to feel like you’re real and approachable. That doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone your deepest, darkest, most intimate secrets (in fact, you shouldn’t), but if you have a story to share about what it took for you to create your business or to get to where you are as an entrepreneur, go for it! You’ll have inspired someone out there.

4. Be inspiring. This is an obvious one and something that relates to items 1-3. Use all three and infuse it into your writing. How? You might think it’s crazy to think of inspiring others when you write a product description or a landing page about your art pieces, but I can’t tell you how many times I bought something because the text that I read inspired me to buy it. Words have that much power. So before you write that article or content describing your business, remember to think creatively about how your product could potentially inspire others in a call to action. Maybe it will solve a problem their having or make their lives more meaningful. Do it and you’ll have infused inspiration in your writing.

Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Infuse Inspiration in Writing”

  1. Thanks for this, a very good read for someone about to launch my own newsletter including articles, as I’m not yet blogging!

    Also, helpful for others thinking of or wanting to expand their small business, which is my client-base.

    I’ll Tweet a link to this for you,

    Wendy Ager
    Get Better Coaching

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I’m glad you found it helpful. Hope you’ll keep coming back for more tips! I definitely have more info for those working on newsletters, articles and blogs! I edit about 4 newsletters a week so certainly can give advice on that. =)

    1. Hi Michael! I’ve had a lot of experience writing for various companies. That with my past job experiences, my inability to turn off my mind and life experience all helps me come up with new topics every day.

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