Few talk about it. But there’s something dark and lurking in the background of our unsuccessful lives. It’s sabotage. But don’t look at your neighbor, it’s probably you doing the undermining.

Case in point.

When I was a kid, I had an uncanny knack for winning carnival games. I’d win that throw the ring around the soda bottle game or the plastic horse racing one.

But something happened when I got older and self-conscious.

Every time I got close to winning and especially when I heard someone say, “Oh look she’s going to win!” I lost.

I sabotaged myself because I couldn’t deal with being in the spotlight. Or more importantly I couldn’t deal with what being a “winner” meant and all the responsibility and self-esteem that came with it.

It’s so ingrained that I often catch myself doing it without even knowing I’m doing so.

If you’re constantly reaching a brick wall in your business, relationship, etc., then you might be self-sabotaging your efforts as well.

Ask yourself this: When I imagine being the person I’ve always dreamed of being-whether it’s being a happy, supportive partner or a wealthy businessman or woman-how do I feel?

Is your heart racing?

Are your palms sweating?

Are you excited or are you sick to your stomach?

Maybe there’s something behind your fear.

It could be you’re not ready. Or it could be your sabotaging your best efforts for success.

It’s worth taking a deeper look. Especially if it’s the one thing sabotaging your dreams.

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