How to Make Your Business Better Series,  Inspiring Others

What Makes Someone Inspiring?

One night my husband and I were up late at night talking about inspiration.

While I agree that we often look up to people who are successful, I think there is something inspiring about those who struggle every day to get to where they want to go. If you’re aspiring to be inspiring, just keep doing what you’re doing and then share your story with the rest of the world.

I was consulting someone recently on their website. We were working on what to highlight about her story when suddenly I got that pit in my stomach, goosebumps up and down my arms feeling. She was saying something that was inspiring me and I knew then it would inspire others.

It wasn’t her story of success that did it for me, but the vast legacy of her life, her intertwining experiences, her passion, her uniquely personal situation that took my breath away.¬†I believe it’s these type of experiences and stories that can help you inspire others.

Tool to Find Inspiration

It is my inspire o’ meter and I use it whenever I interview others for a newspaper article or in consultation.

When I hear something that is a universal emotional experience (lessons about life, feelings of empowerment, strong interests or passions), I hone in on it. There’s something there that is inspiring and worth investigating.

*If you have a business you are working on centered around inspiring others, think about your own obstacles, your passions and the story you could share with others to help them live a more inspiring life.

Questions to Ask

Ask yourself, “What do I have to offer? What have I done in the past? What am I doing now to create the life I want for myself?”

These answers may help you uncover your gifts so that you can share them with the world.

{*If you need help in writing an inspiring article or tweaking your website to make it more personal and unique, I’d love to help you too. I offer free initial consultations and brainstorming sessions as well as custom packages for people like you. I’m reachable¬†here.}

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