Compassion. It’s a word in need of our attention these days. Politics. Fighting. Misunderstanding. It’s enough to make one scream,”Can’t we all just get along?”

It’s something easily neglected, but so important to not just getting along, but to understanding ourselves, living a more peaceful life and also creating a business that is inspiring and radiates hope.

And isn’t that something worth aspiring too?

This year has tested my ability to be compassionate in a multitude of ways. It’s something that tests me whenever I feel a spark of anger, when I am annoyed or when I feel misunderstood.

It’s a tool that has helped me to pause, release any harboring negative emotions and to put me in the shoes of another person.

It was evident in a woman who scratched my car a few weeks ago. Her kindness, empathy, honesty and sincerity, led to my own compassion for her situation. She made it easy for me to be understanding because she was so kind.

Although compassion has prevented me from misunderstanding and reacting, compassion isn’t anything new. It isn’t new age-y or magical. But it can create magical, miraculous results.

If every time we meet an obstacle in our path and misunderstanding ensues and we can stop and put ourselves in the perspective of our clients, friends, family members, acquaintances and even strangers, how much richer would our lives be?

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