{*Photo of what I packed for our train ride from Paris to London. I’ve got all I need here. Sunglasses, bottled water, an old and a new book, my iPod and a bag of chocolate covered ginger.}

Friday is for reviewing the week. Preparing for the weekend. Taking off layers of work clothes and sliding into something warm, cozy and free.

Oh don’t you love Fridays?!

The unwinding of too wounded up days. The looking forward to moments to linger, refresh and recharge for the upcoming week?

There is so much hope and inspiration for Fridays. So I’d love to end this week with a few things that are inspiring me:

1. The Funnies a.k.a. Martha Beck. If you’re not following her on Twitter of fanning her on Facebook, you’re missing out. She’s got the kind of stuff that’ll make you really laugh out loud. (Not just say LOL with a minor giggle.) She also has a knack for finding the most adorable videos. Check out this one, for example:

2. Nature envelops me. Who doesn’t love nature? I love being surrounded by trees and flowers and am inspired constantly when I’m around them. In fact, it’s my inspiration for my photography gallery on imagekind. Here’s a peak at one of my favorite flowers. {I sell a different version on my site for $10.44, but in general this red hot flower gives me goosebumps!}

3. A mug of something warm and sweet. I may be a sweetaholic. And when it’s nice and cold out like the weatherman’s predicting it’ll be, there’s just no better time to sip in moments of warmth and memories.

What about you? What inspires your inner creative soul to soar?

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