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My loved ones gave to me,

Five Christmas Parties

Four disagreements

Three overcommitments

Two tantrums

And a disappointed holiday.

Is that how your holiday season is feeling these days?

It’s funny how this time of year is supposed to promote merry days and happy faces, but we see people getting in car fights, honking horns, and fighting over last minute-gift items quite regularly. Check anyone’s update in Facebook and you’re sure to find someone who’s talked about it.

What happened to the cheer and the merriness?

Somehow I think it went down the drain with high expectations and the belief that we should feel a certain way about the holidays.

It’s the belief that somehow our dysfunctional family will suddenly turn Brady overnight.

Or that the problems we had in 2010 will automatically disappear with the clock strikes 12 on midnight.

Maybe it’s about hope. But more likely I think it’s wishful thinking.

This holiday when you’re dreaming up what you hope your vacation will be. Try to put the focus back on yourself. Imagine what will make you happy. And then think about what you can do to get yourself there.

  • Think about what triggers you and what you can do to prevent them or deal with them before they happen.
  • Find a space space to go when you need to take a break from difficult loved ones.
  • Meditate and/or pray.
  • Be around people who are positive and supportive.
  • Write in a journal to express your anguish, your hopes, dreams and joys to a place where no one will laugh at you, criticize what you believe in or mock your dreams.

This is the one true way to get through the holiday season with a real smile on your face. Not an artificial one.

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading The Inspiring Bee!

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe holiday season that is filled with more love and joy than material things!

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