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Month: January 2011

GMDL Day 8: What’s Your Story?

GMDL Day 8: What’s Your Story?

Tweet Last Friday, I took the opportunity to rest after I had Lasik surgery. But while my eyes took in some much needed slumber, I used the time to catch up on all the webinars and audio recordings that I had been too “busy” to […]

GMDL 7: Reflection

GMDL 7: Reflection

Tweet Another week has passed. We’re 7 days in… How are you holding up? Are you finding that doing less is harder than you expected? Do you find yourself feeling guilty, worried, anxious when you skip things on your to-do list? Or are you reading […]

GMDL Day 6: Holding Back

GMDL Day 6: Holding Back

{photo by: Emily Elisabeth Photography}

I might have mentioned once that I work for a site called Psych Central. It’s a wonderful company to be a part of and I am proud to be an Associate Editor. One of the joys I get from working there is getting paid to read the wealth of articles written there.

Holding Back Who We Are

One article in general really got me excited. It was about how we hold back. We hold back who we are out of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of being judged. We hold a part of our true selves close to our heart, so no one can see it, ridicule it or take it from us.

It sparked something in me when I read that.

I wonder how much of us are locking up who we really are.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

When you are writing an article, a blog post, a new chapter in your book, are you hiding behind your true words?

When you are chatting with a friend or interacting with a co-worker, are you holding back the best of you in fear of others finding out?

There once a girl who hid behind her words. She through them fast on the page and hid quickly so no one would see her. She pretended to be fine when she was not. She was silent about her real dreams and passions. She was safe. But her talent was undiscovered. She was a gift that no one else knew about.

Is that girl you?

Part of the challenge is to gain more than we are willing to sacrifice. It’s gaining freedom to be who we are by not spending the time and energy being who we are not.

Don’t hold back your feelings when someone asks you. Don’t censor yourself when writing up that post.

Open your heart to the possibility of who you are. Whether you are writing or talking to a loved one, take a chance and be yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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Day 5 GMDL Challenge: An Eye Opener

Day 5 GMDL Challenge: An Eye Opener

Tweet {photo by: doug88888} This post is late! What’s my excuse? I’m doing less. And it’s working. Last night I decided to skip the blog post, the late night work, the essay that still needs editing and my husband took me out for some much […]

GMDL Challenge Day 4: Get Real

GMDL Challenge Day 4: Get Real

Tweet I bet some of you are wondering how the heck you are supposed to do less when you can barely get by doing the stuff you are doing now. I can already hear you saying to me, “Get real! I have a life. I […]

Here’s My Secret…

Here’s My Secret…

{photo by: thefost}

I’ve been debating whether to divulge my secret. But holding in secrets is not good for your health and I hope that sharing what I’m going through may help others as well. Especially, since this is Thyroid Awareness Month.

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease.

Surprisingly, that little butterfly shaped gland in your neck has a lot of power.

It affects your brain, your hormones, your heart rate, your metabolism, your muscles, your body temperature, your energy level, your hair, etc.. Almost anything you can imagine actually.

Not only does it make you tired.

It makes you weak.

It plays with your hormones.

A lot of people have it. It’s usually in women and if you are 35 and older should ask to be tested.

But this is not a blog post entirely about thyroid disease. What it is is a reminder about how to stick to your goals.

If you’re on this challenge with me, you may be tired, burnt out or just trying to find more meaning in your life. If so, then this challenge will definitely help you get there.

Being sick, having your physical health compromised whether temporarily or permanently, or losing someone you love (furry friend or human friend) makes you rethink your goals. The gift is that it puts life in perspective.

It’s hard to imagine what we can do to our bodies when we’re healthy. We feel invincible that we can work it as hard as our mind can go.

I can tell you where I was in 2009 is a lot different than where I stand today.

I used to believe that my body was too slow for my mind and I willed to go faster, faster so that I could get more things done in a day. I can’t say for sure if stress caused my illness. But it probably did not help it.

If I could go back in time, I might have told myself what I am telling you now. Don’t take your health for granted. You can always get another job, home or become famous and successful. But some things in life cannot be reversed.

While it’s important to have dreams (I am after all a BIG believer in dreams!), it’s always good to put them in light of our whole self.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is working past midnight every night worth the sacrifice it will take to our physical bodies?
  • Will I one day regret all of the time I am spending making money instead of enjoying my life?
  • IS ___________ more important than me, my health or my family?

The next time you’re stuck with a tough decision or contemplating how far you should take your career, reflect on them. Decide if it’s worth it and if you are willing to sacrifice the potential consequences if it is not.

If you are on the Get More by Doing Less Challenge, would love your support. Please tweet, comment below and share your story about the challenge with us.

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GMDL Challenge Day 2

GMDL Challenge Day 2

Tweet It’s Friday. And when you’re on a mission to M.ore B.y D.oing L.ess, Friday is THE time to do less. It’s the end of the week, it’s time to unwind. So drop what you’re doing. Forget about the shopping list. Take 5 and […]

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