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The Challenge to Be Better By Doing Less: Day 1

It’s the first day of the challenge and I have to say I already failed the first rule, which is this:

1. Establish a set time for work and commit to it.

{photo by wonderfully complex}

  • Whether it’s 9 or 10 pm, setting a routine schedule that gives you a few hours to unwind from the day, take part in something you enjoy (like how I’m feeling on painting these days), or spending time with your loved ones, is important.
  • It’s important for your own mental and physical health.
  • And it’s also important for your family too.

2. Let others know of rule #1:

  • Family members and friends will know when they can contact you so you’ll be more focused and they will feel less worried about interrupting. This is a MUST for those of us who work at home.
  • It also helps you stay on track. When the clock struck 10:30 pm last night, my husband came calling REMINDING ME that I made a promise to myself and to him that all work would stop at 10 pm. I might let things slip, but my husband won’t let me. And that’s imperative when keeping to your goals. High-five to him for supporting me!

3. When you make a mistake, let go of your initial reaction to beat yourself up about it: {photo by Trevin C}

  • Last year, I was all about this lesson. I forgot to send invoices, newsletters, missed appointments, got lost meeting friends. It was the most challenging year yet. On top of normal daily stresses, I also had to deal with the loss first of my dog, then grandfather and then dealt with my own startling illness, which I am still grappling with now.
  • Being perfect-free, meant that every time, I made a mistake I had an opportunity, a chance for growth and for forgiveness towards myself.
  • If you’re struggling with being too hard on yourself, read this article on called, “How to Stop Being So Damn Hard On Yourself.” {The title says it all.}

That’s it for today. The good thing about this challenge is that you won’t be sweating it, struggling or in pain to gain from it. It’s all about being kind and compassionate to yourself and learning how to transform your life by doing less.

Some famous bloggers say that you should create a challenge that is built on a foundation of followers and in a predetermined time. But I am breaking a lot of rules. I am doing this FOR YOU whether “you” means 10 or 1000. I am not doing this for money or fame or anything else, but to help start of wave of change so that we can stop stressing out and start enjoying our lives more. I also did not create a predetermined time for this challenge. Why? I read a Psychology Today article that said there is no evidence to back up the belief that change takes 21 days. And in fact, it could take 66 days. Also, if you mess up here and there, it would detract from your progress. Good news all around!

If you’re following the challenge, would love to know who you are and how it’s going. Please comment and join in on our group. Thanks!

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