Get More By Doing Less

Day 18 GMDL: Dealing With the Big Chunks

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This post is all about turning the big chunks into little chunks. Ugh sorry that doesn’t sound very good does it?

But my intention is this: If we are going to create a life worth living getting more by doing less, we need to take the big daunting goals and turn them into bite-size pieces.

I’ve been thinking about this challenge and how it has impacted me in the last few weeks. The hardest part has been fully enjoying the time I have without the guilt of not accomplishing. As I do less, I see others making BIG leaps and doing more. But the decision to change my life, to live a life of health and love means I need to commit to the process. I also realized just because I do one, does not mean I need to sacrifice the other.

WARNING: The Path Gets Windy

As you get further along the journey, the path will get rougher. There will be moments when you doubt the purpose of doing less. If you have got yourself on a treadmill of going, going, gone, creating space for nothing will feel scary, lonely and empty.

But the moment will come and go, like all moments. Part of dealing with what’s keeping us here is dealing with the feelings that come up. Another part is creating doable tasks that will help get us to our goals without sacrificing all of our goals in life.

Puree the Big Goals

As I am attempting to do less, I am spending more of my energy on doing one thing at a time. I am blogging without the constant Twitter interruptions and working on my essay minus the occasional online window shopping. The results have been less stress at home, more contemplating my purpose and time to focus on the vision I have for my life.

But I also want to continue to work on other goals. I want my blog to reach and teach others to live a more authentic life. I want to network with other like-minded souls and I want to continue to build my business so that I can inspire more people.

How Do You Do Less While Gaining More for Your Life?

1. Take your BIG goal. Whether that is publishing a book, making  $____ amount of sales, networking with ___ amount of people.

2. Break it up into smaller goals. Every day I spend a little time focused on social media. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, I will work on my profile on Mediabistro, ask/answer questions on LinkedIn, or think of ways to network with other writers and entrepreneurs. Although it is a slower process, I’m giving myself enough time to think through the process and work on creating a better result. In the end, it helps me to work towards my ultimate goal of reaching more people.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It’s more of a slow and steady approach and takes more time, patience and faith to get there. But it’s also helping me to stick with my goal of doing less.

How are you managing all of your day to day tasks and doing less?

If you’re new here, welcome! Don’t worry about starting on day 18 of the challenge. You can start at anytime. If you want, you can start here on day 1 of the challenge. Feedback’s always welcome. I would love to hear how you’re doing.

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