Gain More by Needing Less

I know the challenge is all about getting more by doing less. But I think a BIG part of that is gaining more by needing less. Know what I mean?

It’s a slight shift in perspective, but one worth noting.

What if, for example, instead of working more to make more money:

  • we save our money
  • we use coupons
  • or we begin to appreciate what we do have?

Determining What You Really Need

In the August issue of O magazine, which I’m sad to say I’m only reading now, Martha Beck breaks down our needs and wants into four quadrants.

Forgive my drawing skills, but it looks something like this:

It was a table to bring consciousness to spending. But I think it’s also a great way to incorporate conscious thinking into how we spend not just our $, but our time.

Here’s your first homework assignment:

Think about one thing in your life that you’re spending time on, but question it’s value or purpose. Whether it’s an hour watching TV or on the internet, measure it against this matrix. What did you find? Did that specific activity stand up to the test? When you spend more time doing things you love and a few things you need (quadrants 1-3), you are creating a life filled with happiness and joy.

What do you think?

Does it help put your life into perspective? What has helped you get more from your life?

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