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GMDL 12: An Oops Revelation

{photo by: SarahDeer}

You Are a Brandi!

That’s what I thought it said on today. I thought that there was a book that knew exactly what my name was and was calling out to me. My brain went from shock to thinking about ways they figured out my name. I’m not psychotic I promise.

It turns out the book’s title was You Are a Brand!

I think I misread the title for 3 reasons. One, I just had Lasik eye surgery so I can’t see clearly. And two, I needed a break.

It’s Friday and I’ve been blogging all week.

But it also signaled something else. It’s a reminder of who I am. I am a Brandi. And I am a Brandi regardless of what I do for a living, how much work I get done or how many goals I accomplish.

Remembering Who You Are

I hope you will create your own book title as a reminder of who you really are separate from the titles and accolades that you have or want to accomplish. If you strip away all of those goals and esteemed titles and roles, you are still you.

I hope you don’t lose sight of that as other things come and go. And that you remember you are the most important person in your life. You deserve time for yourself every day and especially on the weekend.

Inspiring Posts to Motivate You to Do Less

If you need the extra motivation, here are a few handpicked posts I’ve been collecting over the week to keep you on track:

  • 8 Ways Doing Less Can Transform Your Work & Life ala zenhabits. What can I say? I LOVE this blog! Leo Babauta simply describes what I’m trying to help you do in a single post.
  • Journaling 101, Part 5 of 8: What to Do When Doubt Casts Its Shadow via Whole Living Magazine’s blog Whole Living Daily. Whatever your intention is (whether it’s writing a novel or in our case, doing less), you’ll need help dealing with your shadows. This lovely post may help you do it.

  • That’s it for this week!

    I have to say these last few days have made me feel more whole, less hard on myself and more accepting of my flaws. What has it done for you? Share your story (good or bad) with me here. <3, Brandi.

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