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It’s the end of another week of tips to inspire you to do less. Whew it’s been a good one. Hasn’t it?

So far, I’ve had one awesome and courageous entrepreneur sign up for the challenge and another beautiful and talented photographer send me the sweetest email with the subject line, “I love your blog.”

It’s been an amazing week. Good and bad (did I mention a power outage and almost getting hit by a car?), but I’m embracing both. I’m alive. I’m grateful. And I’m still as motivated to do less as ever.

And we’ve still got a few days left in the challenge. I hope you’re still here with me.

To end the week, I have a few inspiring things including something I found in an inspiring book entitled The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne. Hope it will keep you motivated on your own challenge to do less!

Be Inspired

1. Accomplish More, Do Less: Find Your True North

This Care2 blogger and reader has a lot going on in her life (things like yoga, blogging, school, daily chores). Sound familiar? I’m sure we can all relate. But I was over the moon excited when I read this part of her blog:

“At least once a week someone asks me, ‘How do you do it all?’  My answer is always the same – I do less.”

In her blog, she shares her journey from doing too much to slimming down to the necessities. She also provides helpful tips on how to get there.

2. The Power of Vulnerability

I can’t take credit for finding this awesome, honest and super inspiring video. It was a colleague that discovered it.

You may be wondering how being vulnerable has anything to do with doing less. Here’s the thing. Sometimes we feel ashamed and fearful of being vulnerable. And instead of embracing our fears and imperfections, opening our wounds raw for everyone to see, we avoid the pain at all costs. Sometimes we do so by filling our life with busyness. It’s a powerful 20 minutes and I hope you will take the time to watch.

3. Anything is possible.

That is the title of chapter 4 in Adrienne’s life changing book. This weekend, reflect on this statement, what it means, and say it to yourself every time you stumble or encounter a mental block. I have been reciting those three beautiful words to myself and with it have found peace. What will you find?

If you’re new here, welcome! Don’t worry about starting on day 15 of the challenge. You can start at anytime. If you want, you can start here on day 1 of the challenge. Feedback’s always welcome. I would love to hear how you’re doing.

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