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It’s day 9 of the challenge. Hope you’re getting less done since you started. That is the goal isn’t it?

Forgive me if I haven’t started the challenge by explaining myself. I have yet to answer these questions:

  • Why would one want to do less in life?
  • Isn’t the American dream about doing more, gaining more, making more?
  • More money, more fun, more food, more work, more time…

But this is what we sacrifice when we do more…

  • We sacrifice time with our loved ones. Time that cannot be exchanged, put on hold, or given a raincheck.
  • We sacrifice time worrying, feeling guilty and unsatisfied. Why? Because doing more often means doing too much. It’s time spent on a never ending treadmill of getting ahead. But because we’re human we eventually need a break. When we take a break, we feel inept, uncomfortable, worried that we won’t be able to hold it together and someone better will take our place.

What happens when we do less?

  • You will leave an open door-space for love in your life, opportunities to come in, and the possibility of what should be versus what you think should happen.
  • You give yourself space to breathe so that you can come back open-hearted, rested, patient and more energized for the work that you do.
  • You find the answers to the questions that have been haunting you for a long time. Should you take the new job? Should you quit your old one?
  • You will find yourself. You will not find yourself in the great waters of chaos, or the halls of busyness. You will not find your humanity or your faith or your truth by jamming up your free time with errands, with work, with television, with food. You will find yourself when all is quiet, when you make that decision to sit in silence and just be. It’s scary, but true.

I may not be offering you up the world. But I’m offering you the chance to truly see, to give yourself the chance to find your own truth, to live the life that you’re meant to live, to be the person that you really want to be.

I hope you take the challenge and this gift. Good luck to you!

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