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Ever ask yourself, “Who am I?” Or, “What is my purpose in life?” Sometimes even when we think we have been walking on the right path, something happens to make us doubt our purpose. I have had that happen to me more than once. But sometimes getting clear means taking the time to ask ourselves a few questions to get on the right track.

I recently posted a blog on finding your niche. The process for me has been a difficult one. I wish I had read this guest post by Niche Clarity Coach Sherrie Koretke to help me get to my niche sooner. Finding your niche is definitely key to making sure you are on fulfilling your life’s purpose. Ready to get started? Here’s her inspiring story.

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Finding Your Purpose

For the longest time I felt a restlessness that wouldn’t go away. I knew deep inside that I was destined to do something very powerful but what that was eluded me for years. The need to know the meaning of my life and how to use that meaning became powerful.

So, I went on a journey of self-exploration in search for my life purpose. This search and the answers I discovered lead me to work professionally as a “Niche Clarity Coach.” I now help people design businesses around their own special niche and lifestyles.

I developed a process from my experiences and identified five questions that should be answered before you move towards creating your own niche. Taking the time to answer these questions can propel you into a new, exciting future.

Here are big five questions to ask in order to discover and create your own niche.

How Do I Help Others?

What is your life purpose, your day-to-day contribution to the people in your life? It could be as a healer, teacher, or a person who inspires or motivates others.

Why Am I Here to Help?

Professionally I labeled this as a Divine Calling, which is your contribution to the collective consciousness of the world. This would encompass bringing joy, happiness, love, peace, or enlightenment to everyone.

Who or What Do I Help?

Who or what pulls at your heart and you feel motivated to help? Be specific on the types of people, animals, environment, or culture that you relate to and desire to work with more than others.

Where Do I Do My Work?

Questions to ask yourself are: Where am I working? At home? In an office? in the field?

When Can I get Started?

In order to move forward and live your dream career you need to have a start date. Decide what you need to accomplish to launch your career. What training, skills, networks to do you need to put in place before you can officially start?

Once you answer the above questions you can start the planning process of creating your niche. Knowing your “who, what, where, how and why” helps break down the process so you can focus clearly on the steps you need to take to move forward. Don’t get caught up in the hoopla over how to start a business or new career before taking the fundamental to clearly identify yourself. You will save you a lot of grief in the future.

Thanks Sherrie!

Sherrie Koretke a.k.a. The Niche Clarity Coach is a Certified Professional Career Intuitive
Business Intuitive Coach/Consultant
Ordained Minister, Spiritual Healer. You can find out more about her and her services on her website:

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