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I once thought the hardest thing I could ever do was quit my cubicle job. But not just quit that cubicle job, but all of them. I was partly right. It was difficult saying goodbye to the hopes and dreams my parents had of me making a stable income. It was difficult throwing my fears to the curb as I walked barefoot and vulnerable into the unknown. And it was difficult to start something without any security or purpose.

But I didn’t realize that the journey had just begun.

Dealing With the Unknown

I don’t know anyone successful or not, who doesn’t have a little bit of fear or insecurity about what they are doing.

As a freelance writer, I have been riding the wave of that uncertainty since I began.

But I think that part is normal and uncontrollable. What we can control is how we deal with what we don’t yet know.

What Do You Really Want?

If you’re feeling lost and confused and don’t know how you got here, take a moment to stop and figure out where you are in this moment. Have you veered too far from where you want to go?

It’s okay to back up, reverse if you have to, and start again.

The only thing worse than making a mistake is not doing something about it. If you realize, for example, that maybe fame and fortune are not what you wanted, then stop, turn around and refocus your goals.

Maybe it’s time you ask yourself if what you’ve been doing is getting you closer or father away from your goals.

Maybe it’s time again to quit what’s not working, step out eyes wide open, take two steps out in the open and walk in the direction of the right path.

Which path are you on right now?

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7 thoughts on “What Do You Really Want?”

  1. Great article! Having quit to write and then returning to work so my girlie-q’s could stay in dance, I realize now that I have to move on so they see that you should chase your dreams. They won’t have to give anything up. We can merely modify.

    Life is about choices…it’s time we all make the right one!

    1. That’s awesome that you did that for your girls. What a great mother you are to do what you need to do to help them fulfill their own dreams. I hope that you can still do a little of both though. Just read an article in The Writer magazine about famous authors like David Wroblewski of Edgar Sawtelle who spent 15 years on his novel, which he did while working full-time and a tech job. More and more, it seems that most famous writers have a day job and work at night. Hope you can find a good balance between the two. And thanks for your comment Kristin!

  2. Great post, Brandi. I especially like where you say, “It’s okay to back up, reverse if you have to, and start again.” It reminds me of a favorite quote by Nancy Thayer : “It’s never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise.”

    I, too, walked away from a traditional job to freelance many years ago, and I’ve readjusted my direction several times to stay on track with my goals. So I can validate your wonderful advice here. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    Jessica McCann
    Author of the novel All Different Kinds of Free

    1. Thanks Jessica! So glad that you can relate. I wrote it because just like you I found that some things work and some don’t. And why spend more time than necessary walking in the wrong path? I spent too many years doing so in the wrong job to do the same. Thanks so much for your comment!

    1. Thanks Dina! I think all of the successful people have done it. It takes a lot of tweaking and this will definitely go in the, “I didn’t think this would happen to me as a freelancer list.” And there are a lot. =)

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