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Spring is Here and So is Hope

Things feel like they are finally falling into place.

The storm has settled and every fallen leaf and flower have been stored, tucked neatly away.

In my life, I’ve been seeing synchronicities left and right.

  • I talked about one dream today (to be a coach!) and then got an email a few hours later inviting me to take a free course on it.
  • I wrote a post on how not to screw up a phone interview here and received an email on a Brazen Careerist about how to Ace the Phone Interview.
  • I have been thinking about how much I need to work on my elevator speech and I got a free book to review on elevator speeches.
  • And I recently read about New Mexico as a great place for a writer’s retreat and now I can’t stop hearing about it.

Either people are getting good at reading my mind or something else is happening.

The Close You Get to Following Your Own Inner Voice, the More Successful You Will Be

On Twitter today, I wrote: “I’m learning more and more that every one has their own individual path. The more closer you adhere to yours, the closer you are to success.”

Your voice. That inner wise soul that lives inside of you. That’s your key to success, to finding and following your calling.

When you listen to what’s in your heart, (the quiet thought that says to not take that job or to start painting) and you begin to really listen to it, things will to start connecting and falling in place.

It’s as if once you make a choice to _______ (follow your dreams, end a relationship, start a new on, become self-employed, etc.), everything in the universe will begin to start lining up toward that goal.

Be in a place of hope, possibility-that your dreams can really be a reality and you will eventually find that they will come true.

Of course, it takes time.

Have Patience Like the Falling Leaf

I’ve been taking an essay course. And in it, the teacher said, “Don’t rush the process.” It’s a good lesson on almost anything we really want in life. Just as you cannot force a leaf or a feather to fall faster, you cannot speed up the process of your journey. You will get there faster if you listen to your voice. But you still need to go through the hard stuff to get there.

Wishing you hope, love, peace and possibility on your journey…

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3 thoughts on “How to Invite More Possibility and Synchronicity in Your Life”

  1. I love your comments today on synchronicity. I have discovered this same thing when the universe feels like it has heard your inner voice. It’s the difference between working to get where you want to go and it feeling like it has some how magically happened! Thanks for sharing this so eloquently and I absolutely love the picture of the leaf falling!

    1. Thanks Linda! I definitely believe that part of the process of finding our true and authentic path is to surrender to the unknown. So many of us believe that our success is 100% dependent on ourselves. It may be for some, but when we really take time to be mindful and focus on meeting our skills with our purpose, there is another part (the mystical, spiritual part of the equation) that comes through in synchronicity and signs. That’s something to be grateful for. I really appreciate your comment. I love finding out that something I wrote inspired someone to think of life differently.

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