If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All…

So I won’t (say anything not nice, that is).

In fact, I’ve only got love for my Twitter followers, Facebook friends and the special few who hop on this blog every once in awhile.

This post is dedicated to mushy (a word a college friend used to describe my favorite topics) love stuff.

A Pinterest photo

Looking for the Jewels

Every now and again, I like to scope the web for new fodder. I’m like one of those crazy folks with their metal machines digging for gold in the sand. Except instead of a fancy machine, my little hairs on my arm stands on end and I get all tingly inside with excitement.

Granted, the jewels have been even more rare these days with all the new blogs out there.

That is until I serendipitously fell into these two love-at-first-sight blogs.


Two Rubies and One Diamond


99 Red Balloons via Pinterest

This Blog Makes Life Better, Sweeter

I can’t get enough of Sarah Wilson’s inspirational pieces of wisdom on life and living with an autoimmune disease. Wilson’s an Australian media personality, journalist  and blogger, and former Cosmopolitan editor with a fiery spirit that makes you want to nod your head in agreement or shout “heck yeah!” when you read her posts.

  • This post in particular is about TM or transcendental meditation.*Especially for those on the road to better meditating.

A Springboard for Creativity and Awareness

A bunch of fabulous writer Tweeps recommended Melissa Crytzer Fry’s blog. It came with so much rave reviews that I had to take 5 to hop on over her sight. In a few seconds, I knew why they were so in love.

Fry intertwines between photos of her hometown with words of writerly wisdom. My favorite combo. Love how she finds meaning in the ordinary.

Making a Difference

My third find is not a blog at all, but a mission.

A writer friend gave me the heads up on a new way to make a difference that’s not just about philanthropic, but an investment too.

Kiva is a nonprofit organization with “a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.” Essentially, Kiva helps people get loans and helps donors not just donate money (for as little as $25), but invest in an individual. It’s quite inspiring.

It’s hard to believe that knocking off your daily coffee expense could help fund a small business. But it can. Go here to find out how it works.

Find any blogs lately that have you drooling in their deliciousness?

Are there any charitable organizations that inspire you?

Share the goods below.

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July 22, 2011 at 1:00 am

Hi Brandi! I’m so glad that Melissa’s blog spoke to you. Isn’t she amazing? She (like you) is one of those Twitter peeps whom I feel is a friend because she is so honest in her posts and always generous & conversational on Twitter.

I’ve also heard about Kiva, but will be looking into it more now that you mention it!

    July 22, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Thanks Natalia! I really should thank you guys for referring me to her. I love her blog. And thanks so much for the comment and compliment. Means a lot. =) You know what’s funny about Kiva? I just saw that they are hiring a writer near where I live.

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