Here’s the 411 on blogging as a career from my favorite blogging duo John & Sherry Petersik immensely talented creators of home improvement DIY site Young House Love.”

Blogging as a Career

Dream of working at home in your pajamas one day while writing about topics you’re passionate about? Then working as a professional blogger may be your dream come true.

Anyone can be a blogger, but the difference between blogging as a career and doing it as a hobby is whether you get paid. In the past, people who blogged did so for fun and used it as an online journal to share photos and updates to their friends and family. Today, however there are bloggers who write about everything from weddings to home décor and make a good living doing it full-time. With patience, hard work, and great writing and marketing skills, you could be the next Julie Powell of Julie and Julia.

Blogging wasn’t around when Sherry of Young House Love was a kid. Instead what she fancied was design. She dreamed of growing up to be a fine artist one day. And though Sherry didn’t set out to blog full-time, her passion for writing and creativity helped give her the skills she would need to eventually become a full-time professional blogger.

“The funny thing is that although I’m a blogger, many aspects of my job are still creative and visual since I focus on home improvement and interior design. I love that I get to work with color, proportion and design on a daily basis- even if I’m not whipping out oil-paints and canvases.”

In high school, Sherry took English classes for extra credit and in college she studied advertising design eventually graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Her goal was to be a copywriter, writing ads for magazines and television commercials. It was there that she got good at grammar and writing creatively and persuasively-things that would help her significantly as a blogger.

Sherry got a job after college as an advertising copywriter in New York. At the time, her and her husband John both worked full-time and blogged part-time as a hobby.

After several posts on their kitchen remodel to friends and family, their blog gained popularity. Soon they were being mentioned on websites, magazines and newspapers. John and Sherry realized the potential to transform their hobby into a full-time gig.

After four years of working full-time, Sherry decided to leave her job so that she could devote her energy and focus to the blog. Since then, their blog has received 30,000 visitors!

Sherry says she was surprised by all the attention their blog has gotten and never imagined that she would be able to do this as a full-time job.

One of the perks has been the letters and emails she receives from those who love their work and are from all over the world including India and Africa. She also loves the flexibility that comes from being your own boss. At the same time, it is hard work!

“Since I’m my own boss I can write about whatever I think is important and I can pretty much make my own hours. But the most challenging part of my job is actually the same thing: the flexibility. You have to be structured and motivated to get things done on time to keep your blog going.“

Loving to write is a definite plus for those wanting to blog for living. Sherry also says, “determination, a great work-ethic, and a passion for writing and sharing will definitely help you become a great blogger.”

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