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Make Conscious Decisions

When fearful, our options seem limited but when we are at peace, more possibilities open up.  Go over your list of what ifs again and see if you can incorporate a more balanced list of the best and worst scenarios possible.  Then talk to love ones about what you would do in each situation and the choices you do have.  There may be options you overlooked and friends and family may be able to put your situation in perspective.  Sometimes our greatest worries begin to dissipate once we begin expressing them.  Lastly, give yourself a timeline.  Create a goal for yourself and make conscious clear decisions about where you want to go in your life and when.

Befriend Your Fears

We often perceive fears as our greatest enemy, yet they provide us with an enormous opportunity for self-growth.  What if we were to see them as friends who want to help us become a better person, a person who isn’t afraid to be more of who we really are?  Let your fears help you instead of hurt you by asking them, “Why are you here?  What are you trying to teach me?”  Then, write down what comes to you.  You may be surprised by the answers.  My fear of moving told me its purpose is to help me make a conscious decision about what I want to do with my life.  Instead of relying on external events to decide things for me, I am forced to be responsible and accountable for my own actions.  Thinking of my fears as a friend has made decision-making less scary to me because I know that even my so-called worst enemy, has my best interests at heart.

I believe that every situation, especially the challenging ones, provides us with an opportunity to grow as a human being, if we let it.  At the surface, change and the unknown, a seemingly daunting duo are actually disguises for two loving teachers who really want us to transform into the strong, authentic and powerful people that we already are.  The sooner we’re able to get that, the sooner we’ll be free to truly live our lives.  And although I’m still in the midst of the unknown, uncertain about if and when I’ll ever move back to my home state, I seek comfort in knowing that either way I will be okay.

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