I am no superwoman. You can forget about what my last post implied. Puh-leaze! Although I work hard to change my attitude, I get dips in my days too. Negative feedback from others or within myself is enough to set off a domino effect on my mood. It goes something like this:

Could you redo this piece? —> Your writing sucks.

I didn’t get that job. —> I suck.

Okay. Maybe it’s not that black and white. But I’m a HSP (highly sensitive person) so I’d be lying if I said that I’m 100% immune to external and internal feedback.

What I can honestly say is this…

  • If I ride it out the feeling will go away.
  • If I accept how I feel, the feeling will be much easier to deal with.
  • If I realize that what I think is not always the truth, then I’m able to let go of obsessing over non-truths and get on with my life.
  • And most importantly, if I take a look at my situation from an eagle’s view, I am able to laugh. On the 5th day of Christmas what did the universe give to me? 5 query rejections, 4 minutes of self-doubt, 3 projects pending, 2 forgotten dreams, and 1 life as a writer. {That’s the ditty that was playing in my head yesterday.}

The thing is life will never be easy. Sometimes you have to put in the extra work to discover ways to soothe yourself.

For me, it means being a conscious observer, looking deep at everything I see. (My husband says watching me is like watching a child. I really cannot not look at every little thing.) It’s all in the details my friend. And I’ve been keeping my eye out on them recently…


Like this shot I took this past weekend. See the couple in the background staring into the garden?


And sometimes it’s the hidden “signs” that we didn’t notice before:

Random sign on a hiking trail.


Changes taking shape when we’re not paying attention.

Beauty in branches.


Or maybe love from an unexpected source just when you needed it most.

*Found this walking around my neighborhood today.

What do you need most right now? How are you fueling yourself and your vision?

*Want to see more photos? Here’s a bunch of them.

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3 thoughts on “What Every Dreamer Needs”

  1. Brandi, I can 100 percent relate to the dips in days. I’ve so been there when I’ve received constructive comments about a piece or didn’t get many visitors or comments on my blog. Suddenly it’s like my self-worth is seriously shaken up.

    I love the idea of being a conscious observer. I think that’s fantastic advice! And I LOVE the pics. 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Margarita! I’m the same way. It’s something I’m still working on. Always assuming the worst, instead of expecting the best. I wonder if all writers are that way?

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