Does a creator need the attention, numbers and sales to create?

I might as well ask the philosophical question: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Of course it does.

Just because no one yet knows about the secret thrill you get from knitting, blogging or compiling photo slideshows, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

In fact, there is an immense list of artists who were discovered later in life, sometimes even after they were gone. Emily Dickinson ring a bell?


Why Your Creative Efforts Count

I know of too many people who gave up on their dreams because they believed that what they created didn’t count.

But it does. Because somewhere out there needs exactly what you have to offer. And while you’re holed up away, hiding it from critical eyes, you are denying them and yourself from benefitting from it.

I know it’s difficult because it feels like everyone younger than you has already done what you’re doing, only better and faster. But our creative gifts are like fingerprints. No one is exactly like the other.


Be a Crafty Creator Starting Now

Today, why not take that step to share your craftiness with the world {would love to see what you’re working on: leave your link in the comments} or at least with someone you trust?

Every time I blog I risk that this piece will bomb big time. And a lot of times it does. Then, I read how this person or that person has millions of hits per month and I want to crawl under a big rock and hide. But instead I keep doing it. Because every once in awhile I will get an email that moves me to tears. The kind of letter that reminds me empowering the disempowered, helping those believe that anything is really impossible, is enough of a reason to keep going.

For creative Friday today, I’m going to share with you a few of my quirky photos. It’s something I do often here. And I do it with both love and fear. Somewhere deep inside my creative heart, I think that one of the “real photographers” out there will criticize it.

But it’s okay.

The point isn’t perfection, it is perfect creativity. Creativity is a blend of intuition and the beauty of imperfection.

Hope it will inspire you to do something creative today and this weekend!

{my husband said my photos should be called, "reflections." guess he sees a theme in my photos.}


{sometimes timing is everything. caught this shot of my husband as the sun was setting.}


{i'm a big fan of sunlight in nature. there's something so magical & mystical about it.}


Reflections Photo
{a photo I took in Yosemite. loved the view in the rear view mirror.}

For more quirky madness, check out my Etsy shop here.

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4 thoughts on “Creative Friday: Creating Counts”

  1. I totally know where you’re coming from. As someone who was always, “the kid” (I hung out with a lot of adults even as a child), it is sometimes dismaying to sometimes be the oldest in a group, even if only by 4-5 years. Or not to get as many comments or hits on a blog/site. Etc. But you’re right about the creative fingerprint. It’s no reason not to go out and kick butt!

    1. Hi Mahesh! How funny! I was the youngest too and the only child, grandchild and niece so I totally hear what you’re saying. I think it’s difficult to create with that hypercritical dude on your shoulder dictating and sabotaging your creative efforts. Some days it’s a race with yourself to just get something out there. But as long as we show up, it’s always worth the effort. Appreciate the comment!

  2. Showing up is key! And I should amend my comment; I’m actually the eldest child (one younger sis), but in groups and things, I was the youngest for awhile. No longer the case. lol. But such is life. I like to think I’m getting better with age, 😉

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