Have you noticed my laziness lately?

I haven’t been crafting as much as talking about crafting. It’s something this guy reminded me of recently. How much of us are “hiding” behind easy, comfortable tasks because we’re afraid of confronting what’s really important and meaningful in our lives?

{hand raised.} I’m guilty.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and return to my creative ways.

There are so many reasons to do so.

Let me count the ways:

1. It’s good for my mental health.

2. It’s good for my self-confidence.

3. It’s fun!

4. It’s the holidays and there are so many things to be inspired by. {I recently wrote about holiday inspiration and writing for The Writer magazine here.}

But I’m procrastinating again. Could you tell?

Here’s just one more diversion.

I’m obsessed with Pinterest and have been cataloging all of my to-do one day craft list. It’s small, but you can kind of see it here. It’s among the growing list of ways I want to creatively express myself. If you’re on there, look for me here.

Anyway, I finally got to do a super fast and easy craft last night. And it was invigorating. I created crafty mini clothespins from reusing a 2009 Snow and Graham mini calendar, a pair of scissors, hot glue and a bag of leftover mini wooden clothespins.

Here are the results:

It’s not perfect. When have I done anything perfect? But it was fast, cheap and I was able to reuse an old calendar and some leftover clothespins so I’m pretty happy with the results.

One lesson I learned?

Next time, I’m going to try double-sided tape. Less hot glue burns.

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9 thoughts on “Creative Friday: Crafty Clothespins”

  1. Ooh, you inspire me! I smiled ’cause oh, girl, I have so many crafting items going unused right now. I even have a dedicated crafting area in my basement. Oh, I so need to get back into that!

    I love the clothes pins! Pretty!

    Oh, goodness, too, Pinterest…that is addictive! Heehee!

    Thanks for the motivation!


    1. Hi Lisa. Cool! Let me know what you’re working on. Would love to motivate each other to get crafty this season. I just started working on holiday stuff and I can’t stop now.

  2. Awww…Brandi, this is so rewarding! Thanks for the mention. I’m so grateful when my work actually impacts others.

    I’m SO glad you’re doing crafting. It’s amazing…generally when we make time for the things we think we don’t have time for–or that we see as a waste of time,we get more creative in other areas of our lives as well.

    1. You’re so welcome. Once I was motivated, I couldn’t stop. It also got me thinking about what other areas of my life I’m avoiding by keeping busy though. I really appreciate your post.

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