Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! Hope you had your turkey fill. And you’re ready to start a new week soon.

While you’re mourning the transition from relaxation to work, I thought I’d share a fun DIY project I did recently. {It’s so easy that calling it DIY maybe sort of untrue.} Keep reading to see what I mean.

Mr. Nate Berkus is always saying that we should keep mementos in our home that have meaning to us. That’s the only reason why I’ve kept this lil’ guy for almost 10 years.

That and he’s kind of cute:

As for the meaning part? It’s a two part answer. A long time ago, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for an Ethnic Studies course at the University of Hawaii. My co-TA was a wonderful, inspiring, intelligent and beautiful person who brought this back for me from her honeymoon in Paris. And the second reason? Years later, my husband and I went to Paris on our own honeymoon.

But this chotsky almost made it into the donation bin because I didn’t really know what to do with it. The color was a rusty shade and it didn’t fit in with my decor. I was contemplating turning it into a Christmas ornament. But it didn’t work. Threading a ribbon through the middle, where the only holes were, made it turn on its side. Not very Christmas like IMHO.

So I decided maybe he needed a different coat of color instead. I started with what I had available, which was a cottage-y green.

But it ended up looking like this:

Yikes! Like the monster from Ghostbusters slimed it.

It looked a little better after it dried. But I still didn’t like it. In fact, I liked it a lot less! So I decided to go back to the drawing board. And three other layers of colors (yellow, greenish blue and blue) later, I was happy with this artistic result:

Here’s another shot:

Have you done any edits to a project lately that you’re particularly proud of?

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