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I’ve been making resolutions since I was a teenager.

Looking back I wrote things like:

1. lose 10 pounds

2. stop drinking soda

3. write a book

4. travel to Europe

I managed to somehow tackle items number 2 and 4. And surprisingly eliminating soda was a lot harder than finding my way to Europe.

But this year instead of racking up another thoughtless throw-away list, I wanted to create something revolutionary. What if I compiled a list of resolutions that actually meant something to me?

After rolling up my sleeves and digging in there deep, I realized that in 2011 I did more healing than I did producing. I still haven’t finished that book and I’m still working on getting closer to my dreams. But I worked on being more conscious of how stress affected my body, how taking time to be in nature was just as important as writing a blog. I learned that people may stay the same, but that I can change how I react to them. I re-discovered yoga and found peace in tai chi. I learned that it’s not the sunset, but it’s opening your eyes to that sunset that makes a difference.

For 2012, I want more of that in my life. I want…

  • to remember that no matter what my mind, my neighbor, my friend or my enemy says, I have control over the choices I make in my life.
  • to remember where the sun shines not just where the shadows are.
  • to choose not just good people in my life, but the people who are strong, courageous and  supportive.
  • to pick opportunities that are not just once-in-a-lifetime, but are once-in-a-lifetime to me.
  • to bite my tongue in the heat of the moment and exhale compassion and peace.
  • to know that my purpose isn’t to change you, but to hold you in your light and then let go at the right time.
  • to learn that the only real purpose in my life is to grow.
  • that kindness always goes down better than anger.
  • to remember that you can be both good to yourself and good to others.
  • to know that my life is not measured in numbers: in age, in weight, in height, in visitor counts and social media followers.
  • to accept me even when I’m leaning on acidic and far from being sweet.

What do you want most in 2012?

Will you create a standard list or do something revolutionary?

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