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The Top Posts for 2011

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We’re sliding into 2012. But before we go, I thought I’d countdown the end of the year with a countdown of my top 10 inspiring posts. Great for the new The Inspiring Bee reader and for those who’ve stuck around when my blog was just a free little thing called 2inspired. Since then I’ve made a whole lot of new friends, had my tweet published in this book, got a new column for The Writer magazine on inspiration, had my articles published in magazines, gained new copywriting projects including writing for Walmart Labs, was made associate editor for Psych Central, and all in all just been tickled pink and filled with gratitude for all social media has brought me. And they say it’s nothing, but a waste of time.

Thank you for all who stuck by me, commented here and there and supported me when I was just starting out. And Happy New Year! May your 2012 be even brighter than 2011.

1. When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Don’t let the 0 tweet counter fool you. This one was by far the number one post ever. Maybe there’s a lot of you feeling uninspired now. It’s a timely one to read before the end of the year to help shake you out of your rut for 2012.

2. Commit No Nuisance

I wrote this one on my way back from London where I was fascinated by their use of signs like this one. Don’t you love it when you find a parallel between what’s going on inside to what you’re finding outside in the world?

3. How to Invite More Possibility and Synchronicity in Your Life

This is one of my favorite posts. And I guess it was yours too. It reminds me about how magical life can be, if we only take the time open our eyes and see. If you’re feeling hopeless, this one will fill you back up with hope.

4. Fear is a Common Denominator in Following Your Calling

Talking about synchronicity, a big one fell into my lap after reading a book called Callings by author Gregg Levoy. I truly heart that book and after reading it, I was curious about the author. A 5-minute Google search later and I discovered he was going to be giving a talk 15 minute minutes away from my house the next night. I jumped at the chance and wrote about the experience here. It inspired my first and only callings event listed below.

5. Callings Group Event

This is the event I talked about with my biggest comment count ever. I thoroughly enjoyed helping out a fellow freelancer in this post. And if you follow her on Twitter, then you know how well she’s doing half a year later.

That’s my top 5 wrap-up. Have a good one!

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