Daily Inspirations

Find Magic in Your Every Day

It’s easy to fly right by the magic that’s right there in front of you. To give you a good example, I’ll tell you a story.

Why I’m Sun Obsessed

I used to have bad seeing challenged eyes. Before lasik, I couldn’t read anything unless I squished it right up against my nose. My mom says it’s because I used to oogle bright lights for hours as a baby. I was mesmerized by them. Though I don’t always believe her stories are 100% accurate, I believe this one. Mostly because I have the same bad habit. I can hardly look away from the sun-it’s giant orange orb fascinates me. My husband has to stop and remind me we weren’t meant to stare into the eyes of the sun. Staring won’t, for example, reveal any well-hidden life truths.

Well, today I wear sunglasses and I still sort of stare at it, at an angle, through camera lenses. I’m stubborn, I know. But I’m stubborn for a purpose. When I gaze at the sun setting on the day, I see things that move me. As I watch that deep bright orb, I marvel at the orange glow it makes on everything it touches-the dark shadows that form creating unique designs from winter bare trees. I see the faded pinks and purples and blues that mix better than my watercolor paints can. And I am grateful for all of it. I wonder if others are looking at it too.

I am reminded that life itself is a work of art. And that every day, regardless of the drama I’d like to attach it, is beautiful in its own way. We only need to be of sound mind to really see it.

Thanks to Facebook

{photo by Professor Gary Greenberg. from the Daily Mail.}

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeeds, I caught a story that was like my sunset awakening. A friend of a friend posted an article magnifying something we often take for granted especially those of us who grew up on an island. You know those tiny particles that get stuck between your toes when you’re at the beach? Well as a kid, I found them beyond annoying. My dad often tells me how I was so prissy back then, I didn’t want to go to the beach just because I hated the feeling of them in my slippers. Yes it’s sand.

But until now I didn’t really SEE them. I didn’t know the magic I held when I cupped them in my hand, when I walked upon them with bare feet, when I made castles from their tiny beings. And then I read this article and saw these pictures and I was both amazed and inspired.

If this much art and beauty can exist in something smaller than our pinky finger, then what possibilities hold within each of us? And how many other things are in our life right now that we are passing by, taking for granted, walking right over?

The magic is right there in front of us. We don’t have to wait for big opportunities, for big trips, for life changing events. All we need to do is begin opening our eyes and embrace them all.

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