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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There’s nothing like a good book to lift me out of whatever deep dark well I’ve fallen in. As a child, books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and A Wrinkle in Time took me out of the doldrums of long public school days and lonely only child nights. I spent half of my childhood and adolescence at the library. And that’s the truth.

As an adult, biographies, self-help and a few fiction books such as Still Alice inspires me. It returns the childhood magic that I lost along the way with Santa Claus, tooth fairies and possibility. I thrive in the powerful words of a good book. And am thoroughly grateful when a book like this one falls into my lap*.

Happiness from a Book

How to Be Happy No Matter What! published by Blue Mountain Arts and edited by Sarah Nagel (who guest blogged for me here) is a compilation of hopeful quotes, antidotes and words of wisdom from people like Montel Williams, Gretchen Rubin, William Blake and Queen Latifah. While scanning through the list of contributing celebrities, I was both impressed and fascinated by the inspiration that came from them. What an amazing conversation they would have and would I love to be a fly on that wall!

This 60-page book is sweetly designed and is what you would expect from the company who creates beautiful, thoughtful, handmade looking calendars, books, and greeting cards. But there’s something deeper than one an old college friend of mine would call “fluffy” or “flowery” work. In sections like, “Savor the Present Moment, ” “Practice Gratitude,” and “Slow Down and Relax,” there are mini lessons not just on how to be happy, but how to live a more meaningful life. These themes hit home for me since they discuss the topics that I’m most passionate about and that I try to share on this blog.

I think if you’re the type of person who is trying to live your life with more meaning or you’re trying to be more positive, if you’re looking for ways to inspire yourself, this will feel like the supportive friend you need. While you’re getting over the disappointments over the holidays, the fatigue you feel from the chaos, the emotional drain you feel from too much drama, you’ll feel comforted in encouraging words like these:

“Don’t ever lose sight of the gift that is you. Remember what you’re made of. Remember what’s flowing in your veins. Remember what you were given, and remember what you went out and created on your own. Like any great masterpiece, you’re not done yet. Inside you is the best of everyone who has come before you – and the best of everyone yet to be. You can forget some of what life hands you, but never, ever forget who you are…You are a gift to the world!” – Rachel Snyder

A Gift for You

Doesn’t that feel like coming home? To me, it feels like the gift that everyone deserves to hear. It will be the book I read when I’m faced with another writer rejection, when I’m confused about which direction to go, when I’m feeling uninspired and need inspiration.

It excites me just to share this book with you, but Sarah generously sent an additional book to giveaway too. This book is filled with the kind of optimism, hope and motivation that I believe are vital to your journey to follow your dreams. It’s a great fit for The Inspiring Bee readers. If you would like to enter to win this book, just leave a comment below with who or what inspires you or tweet this post. I’ll be randomizing everyone who enters until the contest ends on Friday 1/13. Good luck!

*I received two free copies of this book in exchange for an honest review and a happy book giveaway.

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  • Cathy Miller

    Well, you know you inspire me, Brandi. And that comes from the heart – not just because I want to win a copy of the book. 🙂

    I love Blue Mountain -even though they never bought any of my greetings -LOL!

    Nature is truly inspiring for me. I love taking long walks and using all of my senses to wrap me in its warmth. How can you not feel happy?

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Brandi, and that will also make me happy. 🙂

    • Brandi

      Hi Cathy!

      I think you are the one and only entry so far. This book may be in your hands soon. It’s truly inspirational so I hope you win it.

      I love nature too. In fact, it’s on my top priority list to go for a walk or hike at least twice a week. It’s amazing how quickly that can lift my mood. And thank you for your sweet comment! I feel the same way about you. =)

  • Steve Rice

    Wow…what a neat coincidence. I was just thinking of you and that I needed to visit your site (because it has been since before the holidays)…and there is your post in my FB newsfeed.

    I have been so busy with launching a new site and redirecting my blog, but it is nice to take a break. Actually, this afternoon, I am planning to just sit quietly and read.

    Like you, a good book inspires me. I love “Left to Tell” by Immacculeé Ilibagiza (a true story of her servival in the Rwandan holocaust)

    I also love anything by Mark Nepo.

    • Cathy Miller

      Steve-there you go blowing my chances! 😀

      How the heck are you? I didn’t know you were a Brandi fan, but it makes total sense.

      Brandi, I knew you should have kept it quiet. 😉

      • Brandi

        Lol! [insert cute smiley face here.] Sorry I spilled the beans. You still got a good chance though. 50-50?

    • Brandi

      Hey Steve! Happy New Year!! Nice to see you here. =) You’re launching a new site?! That sounds exciting.

      I haven’t read Left to Tell, but I am a big fan of Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakenings. In fact, I read one page every day. His words are truly inspiring and always make me see my life in a new way.