Creative Friday: Coral Necklace

I traveled to Greece, Mendocino, California and Arizona and brought back this little ditty of inspiration.

I love ocean inspired things and seeing red coral always brings back the fresh, tropical, sea style I’m drawn to.

In Arizona, I noticed a lot of women wearing and selling necklaces with red beads.

When I returned home from my trips, I went straight to Michael’s in the hope that I could save the $100 it costs to buy a coral red necklace and make my own instead.

DIY coral necklace

And I did.

This was one of the easiest DIY projects ever. I just bought two separate beads from Michael’s. [I think it was about $6 total.]

Then all I did was string the red oval beads in between the coral ones with fishing line and then added a spring ring and a crimp tube (leftover from a decade ago) to one side.

That’s it! Practically a no-brainer. And that’s important since I’ve been having blogger’s block lately. You can imagine how grateful I am for easy non-wordy projects like this.

How about you?

Did anything visually inspiring and text-less lately?

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