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What Lies Are Holding You Back?

{photo by The Inspiring Bee}

For me, it was:

“You’re not creative.

You’re not talented enough.

No one’s going to really believe you’re a writer.

Writer’s don’t make $.

You’re nothing special.

There are millions of people more talented than you so why try?”

Deep in the dark, dusty corners of my mind was a slew of non-confronted falsities that were not only taking up some important real estate, but were insidiously controlling my life.

I realized to get beyond it, I would need to tackle each one. And not just with sprinkles of positivity, but gut-wrenching courage, anger, and a fiery attitude. If could not change completely get rid of the voice that brought me down, I sure as hell would not let it control my life.

Maybe you’re battling your own lifetime of lies. Well today is the day you decide to stop listening to them!

  • Do not spend any more time, energy or money on believing in something that is not your own truth.
  • Do not give away your power to “friends,” relatives, co-workers, acquaintances who wither in your light.
  • Do not focus on what you can’t do.
  • Stop believing that you need a guarantee to go forward with your dreams.

The only difference between you and your successful colleague is that they ventured out and tried.

Free yourself from the lies that you’ve been told about what’s possible for your life.

Embrace who you are wholeheartedly and dare to risk that every thing you’ve been told about how ___ (fat, dumb, ugly, stupid, untalented, etc.) you are, is untrue.

Create your own reality.

Define your own life.

Then join us reformed souls on the other side.

{If you want to learn how I found an extraordinary moment while in traffic, check out my latest article for Beliefnet Health, “Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.”}

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