{For anyone sad about their lonely leftover earring, you’ll appreciate this post.}

I had a pair of golden earrings that I loved. So much. And then one day, I noticed there was just one.

Sadly, I still don’t know what happened to that other earring. But I kept it just in case it would appear.

Months later it still hasn’t shown up. So I finally accepted it would never return and decided to do something about it.

I looked at the back of the earring and noticed it was loosely hooked on so I used my fingernail to open the jump ring (that circular ring that has a tiny opening) and released the earwire (the curvy wire that goes into your ear).

Voila! The earring was just a pendant now.

Then, I looked in my jewelry box for an gold chain. When I found one, I tried to thread it through the earring hook in the back. No dice!

That’s when I had to get ghetto and use my teeth. (You could use pliers, but I was too lazy to find one.) Thank goodness the gold was soft and the necklace’s jump ring easily smashed down into an oval shape. The perfect shape to fit through the earring/pendant.

It was a five minute job and here is the result:

Here’s another shot set against those DIY clipboards I made awhile back.

And butterfly art.

Gold necklace

I’m pretty happy with the result. Do you have any easy project you have done lately that you’re proud of? Share it please.

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