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How to Get What You Want In Life

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I’ve always been interested in the Law of Attraction since I saw it on Oprah. Who wouldn’t want to get what they want by thinking about it? But to be honest I never really understood how it worked. Until now. I have author and teacher¬†Aan D. Frazier to thank. In this guest post, she breaks it down into easy peasy verbiage so we can all get what we want in life. Thank you Aan!

{guest post by: Aan D. Frazier}

Destinations. We all have them in our lives. Many of us are always finding trying to find ways to get from point A to point B. In understanding the Law of Attraction, we learn that it is not the Law of Attraction’s responsibility for bringing point B to us. It is rather our responsibility for carving our path to point B. And our powerful mind is the navigation system for carving such a path.

The basis for the Law of Attraction lies in the power of our thoughts and the power of our mind. Yes, this is absolutely true. We steadily do become what we think about. What many people fail to understand, however, is that positive thinking alone will not always bring us what we desire. Hmmm, think about a million dollars all day and it should eventually show up right? Well, not quite.

The Law of Attraction is actually capable of bringing random and simple thoughts to life by just our mere thinking. For example, a person may be thinking of their favorite car and then somehow see it zooming down the road later that day. But if we take a close look at our dreams and desires, they are usually grand dreams and desires; most of which require a creation period to manifest. It should not come as a surprise then, that action and belief driven effort play an important role in such journeying paths.

To illustrate how to effectively use the Law of Attraction, here is an example: Jack’s car breaks down while on his way to a family reunion. Rather than sit in his car and think positive thoughts, Jack should visualize himself making it to his destination. In doing so, his mind will bring forth ideas and solutions to take inspired action upon. He may think to pop the hood and check out the problem. Jack may attract the idea of calling up his buddy who knows about cars. He may decide to call AAA.

There are tons of ideas that will only be attracted to Jack’s mind only if he allows for them to do so. Focusing on what he wants will give him the necessary foundation for what he needs to do in order to reach his goal. Belief is also an important factor. Jack has to believe that making it to point B is possible for him. Whatever he decides to do, Jack will inevitable carve a path from A to B if he never gives up. There will be trial and error moments, but again, persistence will provide results.

The Law of Attraction is actually already working in your life. Awareness of its work and understanding how it works can help you put it to meaningful use. Always remember that you hold the power of decision and creation within you. You call the shots. You carve the road. The Law of Attraction itself does not bring you things. It is you that propels yourself towards point B by using your magnetic mind to tap into the Law of Attraction, followed and inspired action.

Understanding the Law of Attraction means that you can literally create the life desire. Just think about what you want and then go about creating it. It can really be that simple. What amazing things will you set out to do today?

Aan D. Frazier is a Vietnamese American and survivor of the Vietnam War. Her blessed roots, surviving a boat ride to freedom at the age of one, have always motivated Aan to seek ways to make a difference in other people’s lives. Aan’s discovery of the Law of Attraction caused her to view her life in a positive new light and she started living her life as in intentional creator. The goal for her book Your Magnetic Mind is to teach others about the Law of Attraction in simple language. You can read more about her at her website and on her blog. She’s on Twitter and Facebook too!

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