This year I vowed not to buy any holiday wrapping paper. Why? It’s unnecessary wastes that gets used for a few days and then thrown away.

I knew not using any Christmas wrapping paper would take some rethinking or should I say re-wrapping my Christmas wrapping mindset. But I was up for the challenge. Especially since I didn’t really didn’t do any new DIY Christmas decorations this year. We even went sans tree and opted for a little Christmas vignette with crafts I made last year:

Christmas Decoration

As for those Christmas presents, I’ve been able to meet the challenge with tissue paper (reused from presents I’ve gotten throughout the year), pretty packages (I’ve also saved), and even a small painting that I decided wasn’t “hang worthy.” Here’s a few gifts I’ve wrapped with things I had around the house (ribbons I’ve saved from our wedding 4 years ago).

DIY Wrapping Paper

{This one was from a pretty package I cut into wrapping paper and a ribbon saved from our wedding.}

Hand-painted Wrapping Paper

{This DIY wrapping paper was actually a watercolor painting I wasn’t completely happy with. But it does make a good gift wrap.}

DIY Wrapping Paper

{A few more of my tissue papered gifts with a Mason jar I use hold ribbons I collect throughout the year.}

What about you?

Are you DIY-ing with wrapping paper this year?

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3 thoughts on “A Wrapping Paperless Holiday”

  1. Great ideas! My mom and I are also notorious non-wrapping-paper-wrappers. She likes double gifts – for example, one year she wrapped a book I had asked for in a new kitchen dish towel (which I also needed), secured with a pretty pin. I like to use the photos from my previous year’s wall calendar to wrap gifts throughout the next year. Fun stuff!

    1. Aw that’s so cute! What great ideas! I usually have more swag to wrap with but since we just moved and recycled a lot of our stuff, I collected only a few packages this year with my collection of buttons and ribbons, of course. Looks like one of my favorite bloggers also posted today with tips on reusing their old packages saved throughout the year. Hope more people start doing this! It’s good for the environment. Plus, it’s a super fun way to get creative.

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