Daily Inspirations

Poem: How Others See Me


If you asked a relative/friend/acquaintance about me, they may not say it, but inside they’d think it. To them, I am a failure because…

I am not a lawyer,

a doctor,

a primary income provider.

I talk LOUDLY when I should be soft

and TOO softly when I should be loud.

I’m rude

and inappropriate

I don’t ask

but I ask too much.

I give when I feel like it

I take unnecessarily.

But inwardly and quietly

my soul sits knowingly.

For all they see is the external me,

and that’s unfortunate

because though I may burp aloud,

curse under my breath

sing and shout


I feel wholeheartedly

I hurt exquisitely

I give sincerely

And I am me,

flawed, untraditional, impolite, but

authentically me.

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