by guest blogger: Lisa Kaplin, Psy. D.

{Etsy Daily Quote: by A Couple Little Things}
{Etsy Daily Quote: by A Couple Little Things}

A common refrain from my clients’ sounds like this, “I just can’t get motivated to do that. I need some inspiration.” One even asked me recently if there is an inspiration pill. We had a good laugh over that and although there is no inspiration pill there is certainly an inspiration plan I use and share with clients and friends. It’s relatively easy but it takes a little bit of thought and insight to work quickly and easily. Here are the three easy ways to get inspired right now. 

  • Get some clarity around what you want your inspiration to be around. 

Do you want to be inspired to write a book, switch careers, end a relationship, or simply to clean your house? Why do you want this?  What does the end result look like? Get very clear on what that is. Do you want a clean house because you can’t find things or because you like the way it looks? Do you want to write a book because you have a story you just have to tell or because you feel you should? Ask these questions and think through why you want the inspiration. Most women have lots of “haves” and “shoulds” around their dreams and thus those dreams and desires don’t seem like much fun. Inspiration comes from excitement and joy not another dreaded task on a to do list.

  • Be aware of and change your thought process around your inspirations venture. 

Are you saying to yourself, “Who do I think I am to attempt this?” Or, “I can’t do this, who am I kidding?” Or, “Inspiration won’t help me, I never get anything done in the long run.” If these are your thought processes, you will find neither inspiration nor motivation. Change your thinking around any new task or adventure. “This work will lead me to enjoy a clean house.” Or, “I’m scared about taking this leap but I know good things await me when I do.” Our thoughts lead to our feelings and behaviors. If your thoughts are negative your feelings and behaviors will follow suit. Change your thoughts to change your inspiration and motivational levels.

  • Finally, face your fears. 

What’s holding you back? Is it the judgment of others? Failing? Succeeding? Start asking yourself what you are really afraid of and then ask if you can survive if that fear became a reality. For example, if you want to write but you are afraid people won’t like your writing, can you live with that? If so, write! Look your fears right in the face and move through them with the knowledge that you will surely survive this and be better for it. Inspiration comes from clarity, our thoughts, and facing our fears.  When we make these changes we can move through the three steps quickly and easy and bring inspiration and motivation to our daily lives. 

Lisa KaplinLisa Kaplin is a psychologist, life coach, professional speaker, blogger, mother, wife, and dog lover (in varied order depending on the day).  She is the proud owner of Smart Women Inspired Lives where she helps overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted women who have that “I thought I’d be happier than this” feeling.   Lisa helps them face their fears, step out of their comfort zones, and walk right into true happiness and fulfillment.  

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