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{Etsy photo from here.}

On my last post, I delved into the signs of spiritual disconnection. Funny how we’re so plugged in these days with everything, but the things we should be plugged into. It just feels more productive to do the laundry or finish work than it does devoting time to meditating or doing yoga. The superficialities of this world are so deceptive that on a day to day basis we’re not even aware of the harm in doing it. In a year’s time, however, and beyond, we start to feel it. It’s a deep ache, a calling for something more. If you’ve been feeling that way these days, read on for tips on how to reconnect with yourself, your soul, and your greater purpose.

  1. Douse yourself in spirituality. You may not need to bathe yourself in holy water to reconnect or even attend a church service. All it could take is a switch of the television. Skip the junk food for your mind shows, and watch or read about people who have found their calling, spiritual path or are just a positive influence. Some of my favorite spiritual influencers include Pastor Joel Osteen, podcasts from SoundsTrue, books like Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, but also reality TV show The Little Couple and Super Soul Sunday.
  2. Be in silence. Monks and nuns and other spiritual people take a vow of silence. Why? Because when you turn off your electronics, you tune into yourself. Devote a few moments to listening to your breath. If you’re patient and open to listening, you might hear the answers you’ve been looking for.
  3. Move your body. Dancing, walking, yoga, biking. These are all things that can move you closer to spirituality. When you’re in tune when your physical body, you become more aware and connected with your inner soul.
  4. Express your spirituality. Express yourself through writing, painting,or by talking with a spiritual advisor. Letting what’s inside out can bring you closer to your soul’s calling.
  5. Breathe in nature. It could be a walk around your block or a hiking trip. Just being in the presence of trees, birds, stars, waves and sunlight can defrost the coldest of hearts. There’s nothing like Mother Earth to remind us that while our potential is infinite, we are but tiny ants in this gigantic world.
  6. Spend time with pets and kids. Your weight. Your social life. Your job. These are the external dramas that distract us from what’s going on inside. Want a quick reminder of what’s important? Spend a moment with animals and babies. They’ll instantly teach you the importance of what really matters-love.
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