Bored with your daily life? It’s actually simple and easy to transform the mundane into the magical. If you can carve out a few minutes into your busy schedule, you’ve got time to infuse meaning right now.

{Etsy art by LeslieAllenFineArt}
Etsy art by LeslieAllenFineArt

1) Meditate.

It’s simple, but true. Research proves that meditation can bring meaning to those suffering from life-threatening illness and life-transforming change. But if the idea of sitting in silence seems daunting, try this. Oprah and Deepak offer a reoccurring free 21-day meditation series. This one is on expanding your happiness. It’s beautifully done and you won’t have to do it on your own. Listen as they direct you on a journey toward meaning making whether you’re in your living room or outdoors.

2) Create a living list.

Instead of a “bucket list” of things to do before you die, compose a list of things to celebrate your life. Then actually make them happen. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was join a choir. Recently, I saw an invitation for new singers to join a community choir group. I’m nervous, but excited to check this one off my list!

3) Pray.

This need not be a religious thing. You don’t need to pray to a God or gods. You only need to silence your mind long enough to say a prayer to yourself. Ask whoever is listening (yourself included) for a sign, guidance or simply say, “Thanks!” Tuning into yourself can raise awareness and put you in touch with a deeper calling in your life.

4) Give back.

Instead of scrolling through Facebook to see what your friends, family and acquaintances are doing, think about ways you can creatively give back. This could be something as easy as giving a loved one your undivided attention or doing something more extensive like donating time or your money. When we give back to others, we’re given so much more.

5) Do one thing that lights you up.

Think back to a moment that made you shine. Was it dancing, painting, or listening to an inspiring podcast? You deserve time for pleasure. When we devote moments to doing things we love, life opens up.

What do you do to attract more meaning in your own life?

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