{Etsy art by MadameBricolage}
{Etsy art by MadameBricolage}

There are many uninspiring moments in a writer’s life.

There are moments of thinking.

There are the lulls in between projects and assignments.

There is the soft click of the keyboard

and then the unsettling sound of pauses in between.

There is the rapid beat of one’s heart

and the ache of the unknown.

There are many head banging on the table moments

when mistakes, errors and failures build to an excruciating low.

There is the cry of desperation alongside the smell of burnt coffee as your dreams sit in the hands of someone you don’t even know.

There is the sorrow, the sigh, the sweetness of writer’s high.

The downpour of emotions and the underwhelming release after a project’s done.

A writer’s life is only seen in success

the fresh smell of a newly published book,

the printed page,

the blog.

But all those ordinary moments it took to get there,

is really just days passing into a blur,

breathing in and out,

boring and ordinary,

sleeves up,

mind lost in thought,

staring out windows,

waiting, writing

and waiting once more.

And then the day is done,

a few sentences paired down,

a few words added,

a query sent out,

a fear faced,

and then we kiss the night,

ready to start again

come morn.

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2 thoughts on “The Uninspiring Life of a Writer”

  1. Wow, this is beautiful, Brandi. I’ve felt this way a lot lately, because a writer’s life, even when full of exciting moments like book launches and events, is largely made up of the day-to-day, and it wouldn’t exist if not for those mundane, quiet moments when we face the blank page, both excited and terrified of what will (or won’t) come.

    I’d love to print this out and have it in my office…is that okay with you?

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