{Etsy pillow from littlechrissy}
Etsy pillow from littlechrissy

Every time I get sick, it feels like Christmas. I’m not a masochist. But throughout the years, I realized that illness can be healing, if you let it.

Let me explain.

These last few days, I’ve been sick with a cold:

1. *My blood sugar has been normal.

2. My thyroid has been balanced.

3. I feel refreshed.

Being sick forces me to rest. Yesterday was the first time in a long while that I just drew for the fun of it.

Being sick reminds me that I’m not invincible.

Being sick puts my priorities in order.

It’s unfortunate that it takes illness for me to stop and simply be. Hopefully, you’ll read this so it doesn’t have to get that bad before you take notice.

Once you are under the weather, it’s a red flag that maybe you need to nourish yourself not just when you’re ill, but when you’re well too. Here’s how:

How to Use Illness to Cure What Ails You

1. If you’re having trouble just sitting. Meditate or even better look for a yoga nidra class, or app online. It’s like taking a nap and is amazingly restorative.

2. Don’t use your time off from work to catch up on chores or do errands.

3. Give your body a break. Just breathe.

4. Cozy up with a warm blanket. Drink a glass of tea. Lie down on the couch and really let yourself feel the breeze.

5. Listen to soothing music.

6. Drink a glass of iced water with a twist of lemon in it.

7. Put on your spa robe and slippers.

8. Write all the things your body would tell you if it could talk.

9. Do something super duper nice for yourself.

10. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for the hundred million things you should be doing. Instead, enjoy this moment. Use it as the rest your body has been needing.

*Usually when you have a cold, it’s the opposite.

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