Mouth Wash with Ingredients{Sponsored post: I received a free sample of Oral Essentials mouthwash. I’m sharing it here because I’m inspired by people who strive to create products that are innovative, unique and potentially good for you.}

Here I talked to creator and best-selling author Dr. Kourosh Maddahi about Oral Essentials and how it’s different from traditional forms of mouthwash.

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi

Q: What inspired you to create Oral Essentials?

A: In my practice I recommend products to my patients, family and friends to maintain their oral health on a daily basis, and I naturally want to recommend products I truly believe will benefit them. The problem I have run into during the last 28 years I’ve been practicing is that the products available on the market are riddled with unnecessary ingredients, and lacking others I would like to see. Finally I thought, why should I wait for someone else to provide the people I care about with a product I would back, and decided that I would go ahead and do that myself.

Q: What makes it different from other mouthwashes?

A: Unlike most artificially dyed, fluorescent mouthwash, Oral Essentials uses naturally derived ingredients, is sweetened by Xylitol and has a clear, simple hue. Most mouthwash brands use chemicals to eliminate bacteria, which can create an imbalance in the body’s delicate ecosystem. Oral Essentials uses Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, and other complimentary essential oils that create a synergistic environment in the mouth.

Q: What health benefits, if any, could users experience by using Oral Essentials?

What we’re trying to accomplish with Oral Essentials is a balanced ecosystem inside of the mouth. The Dead Sea salt in our formula has the unique benefit of stopping bacteria from being able to produce the toxins that cause tooth decay and gum disease. It doesn’t actually KILL bacteria, just prevents them from colonizing in a harmful way, which is good because you actually do not want to kill bacteria in the mouth. Most bacteria are good for you firstly, but also when you do kill bacteria they will be replaced with other bacteria that is more resilient and stronger than what was there before. This is why antibiotics are always changing and getting stronger, because the body becomes resistant to it constantly. We’re suggesting an alternative to that way of going about stopping disease.

Q: Why are you passionate about this product? What is your vision for it in the future?

I am most excited to give people real information about how to safeguard and maintain their oral health for their entire lives. There was so much out there that didn’t make sense to me for so long, and now I know why that is, and I’m able to provide that information to the people that I care about. That’s enough to make anyone smile, which is the whole reason I got into this business to begin with.

I truly believe this product will change the world and give people the opportunity to use something that will really improve their health. The ideas Oral Essentials are presenting don’t just apply to the mouth. They apply to whole body health, and that’s the real goal.

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