What if the key to discovering your true purpose lied hidden, placed somewhere you never looked?

What if it’s not in your strengths that reveal your passion, but your weaknesses?

Is it possible that the qualities you thought were your worst traits are actually your strongest?

Could it be that others have deemed them misgivings because they are intimidated by them?

Maybe you’re not bossy, but you have leadership qualities that are not being taken advantage of.

Maybe your indecisiveness is a consequence of being compassionate and your flightiness is the result of unused creativity.

Think about all the things you’re trying to hide in your life out of fear you’ll be rejected. Maybe those are the very characteristics that would lead to your true purpose.

If you release your fear of being judged (*and your need to judge others) you might just discover the “you” that the world needs.

Chew on that in 2016.

*Addition via Cathy’s comment below.

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2 thoughts on “The Surprising Trick to Figure Out Your Life Purpose”

  1. And this is why I love you, Brandi. You always give me lots to chew on. 🙂 Perhaps it’s age (or too many Oprah viewings) 🙂 but I find myself thinking about my purpose a lot.

    I would add to your “release your fear of being judged” and say release yourself from judging others. Have a blessed and happy 2016, Brandi!

    1. Aw thanks Cathy! I’m guilty of too much Oprah too, if there’s such a thing. And I like your addition. I’ll add it to the post.

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