Easy Mother’s Day Craft Even Your 3-Year-Old Can Do

I saw a beautiful beaded necklace in a catalog and wanted to get it. Until I saw the price. It was over a hundred dollars!

Taking a second look I realized I might be able to do it and possibly even get my son involved.

A trip to the craft store later and I was set.

The best part?

I had most of the materials. And if you have ribbon, paint (I used kids washable paint) and paint brush then you will have most things too.

I purchased wooden beads (make sure they have holes through them) for about $8 and then I was ready.

The hardest part?

Getting my 3-year-old to stop playing with his toys to do it.

Once he started though, like most toddlers, he was game. He painted most of the beads and then I taught him how to roll it around the paint to create a marble effect. He chose the colors and I strung the whole thing together. It was so fun-I’m definitely doing it again for grandma on Mother’s Day.

Homemade Valentine's necklace


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