HappinessOur society perpetuates lies. And it’s not just in politics. We’re fed food for happiness that leave us depleted because it gets us striving for all the wrong things.

If you’re looking for authentic joy and true happiness in your life, make sure you’re not falling for the following myths:

  1. More money equals more happiness. Research shows it’s not the amount of money you have, but how you spend your money that matters. The closer your spending habits match your personality, the happier you may be. For example, if you are an extravert who spends your money on traveling or a compassionate person who spends your money on charity, you’re more likely to be happy. In contrast, many of us work more to further our income when doing so is not directly related to how happy we are.
  2. Instant gratification increases happiness. We want what we want, and we want it now. Posting that thought, eating that dessert, and traveling right away would seem to make us happier, but research shows that self-control, the ability to achieve long-term goals are linked to a happier life.
  3. Unhealthy foods makes you feel good. People believe the cake, cookies and ice-cream hold the key to their happiness. But in truth, it’s fruits and vegetables that have a positive impact on not just your physical health, but happiness and general well-being.

Which lies have you fallen for in the past?

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