In this week’s post, I chat with author and wellness coach KJ Landis about her book, how to be happier and change your belief system by using epigenetics. It’s a good one!

TIB: Could you give me a brief background about you? How would you describe what you do?

KL: I’m a life and wellness coach and a nutrition educator. I coach in person and online. I do personal training, fitness training and lifestyle training. I write blogs and present videos weekly about the latest science and marry it to motivation and inspiration for folks to stray away from the standard American diet and move toward the most nutrient dense diet, adding in modalities of mindfulness and movement. I also waitress in the evening. 

TIB: How did this book come about? Why did you decide to write it?

KL: This  book came about because I was studying psychology and mental wellness and the relationship to trauma and drama. I begin creating written, role-play, and movement exercises along with mindfulness for healing from extreme trauma and every day challenges as well. My client seem to love the process of self development and looking inward in order to heal why they remain stuck, anxiety ridden, and stressed out.

TIB: I’m interested in the role epigenetics and hormones have on happiness? Could you share some of the relationship between the two and happiness?

The role of epigenetics in our healing is simply that we don’t have to fall into the same illnesses even though we are genetically predisposed to them. With repetition of affirmations and other exercises in my book, we can create a new belief system. Our actions will then be in alignment with our new belief system and over time we will have the opportunity to be happy and healthy no matter what our genetic dispositions. It is a big yes! The hormone factor is related to happiness because as we are systemic beings. The endocrine system (which is the hormone system) affects mood, pleasure, and self esteem, as well as metabolism and sex drive. This is a huge topic which I scratch the surface of in HAPPY, HEALTHY YOU. 

TIB: What is one advice you often give to your clients on simple and practical ways to be happier?

I advise my clients to be out in nature daily if they can. Walking, hiking, meditating, dancing, writing, and praying, are all things that we can do in nature that will affect our overall well-being. Nature engages the five senses and has been found to lower anxiety and depression.

TIB: Is there a myth or false belief that many of us buy into that makes us unhappy?

KJ: The Negative Nancy in our head that tell us we’re not good enough, we aren’t smart enough, we aren’t pretty enough, and that we aren’t fit enough, just has to be laid to rest. I use the negative thought pot daily in order to release those negative thoughts. I write them down scrolling the small paper up, and burn them. I find that physically destroying my negative thoughts helps when they come back to me. When I start to feel them again and then I remember the action I took, I say aloud, “You no longer have power over me. I destroyed you, remember?”

TIB: Can you share one strategy from your book that will help others break old habits and patterns?

Writing down what your dream future looks like and writing it in the present tense helps my clients and me. My clients repeat aloud or silently what three things they wrote down. After repeated statements of personal joy and success, we can and will actualize them. Keep a notebook of I AM statements. Look at it repeatedly and write in it daily. 

TIB: When does the book come out and how do people find it and you?

The book can be found now wherever books are sold on line, and can be requested at every brick and mortar retailer. Libraries in the US and Canada have my book as well. It’s available in every format for every device too. You may find me and all of my social media posts at

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