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I intended to write a completely different post today. But then I woke up to a terrifying text. “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. This is not a drill.”

My husband and kids left for a haircut. I was about to go to yoga. Following it I had what I would describe as earthquake aftershocks of fear until I found out it was a false alarm. 

I could have easily stayed on that hamster wheel of fear if not for years of working with a coach and writing my own self-help book. I realized quickly I had a choice. As we do with anything that crops up in our lives, missile or job loss, we can ask ourselves, “Do I want to live in fear or faith?”

I love what Jen Sincero says in You are a Badass:

“Most of the time we have no guarantee that what we fear is going to even happen and that if it does, that it’s going to be scary! Take death, for example. For all we know we leave our bodies and melt into a state of pure love and light and sparkly things and unicorns and bunnies and external orgasmic giddiness. We can be sure of that as we can about anything else in the future, so why create all the drama?”

My own life coach Jaqui Duvall also presented that question to me years ago. I realize the profundity of that question now. Every single decision we make. Every thought we have. Every action we take stems from that primary question.

Will we quit that dead-end job?

Will we end that relationship?

Will we pursue our dreams as an entrepreneur?

Will we do what we really love even if it means it’ll make us feel like we have our hearts out on the line, open and vulnerable to rejection?

This is what continually crops up for me. Every time I have a stirring to jump outside my comfort zone, I’m bothered with a question. Will staying small serve my soul? Will remaining in this same place help me to grow? Do I have faith or am I working from fear?

Perhaps I’ve spent too long contemplating the missile when I could have been embracing the potential of the unknown.

During those moments when I let faith guide me instead of fear, I took a job as a private investigator. I moved to California. I got a graduate degree in counseling and health psychology. I went from having little experience to being a writer for Tiny Prints, Hawaii Life, Nerd Wallet, Toyota Hawaii and, The Writer, Spirituality & Health and Hawaii Business. Because I took that risk some of my ghost written pieces were picked up by US News and Mind Body Green. When I got too comfortable with my writing life, I ventured out into teaching stress management courses. And finally this year, I’ve done the thing that I actually went to graduate school to do-become a life coach.

2018 is turning out to be a fortuitous year for me even with the missile scare. I’m working from a place of faith. My goal is to rack up failures because I know with failure comes success and opportunities for tremendous growth. 

The prospect of life ending at any second has propelled me to risk everything to fulfill my purpose, which is to help you fulfill yours. In addition to working on my book this year, which is all about helping to empower women to consciously create their life, I’m working on helping individuals grow closer to their true self. 

Are you ready to live in faith in not fear?

Email me here if you’re ready to start living your purpose.

Or go here to find out more about by coaching services.

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