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Halloween Fun on a Friday

Halloween Fun on a Friday

Tweet {photo source} It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is a mere weeks away. If you’re on a mission to find holiday ideas that are fast, easy and inexpensive, you’ll love this post! I’ve compiled a few tips I’ve discovered over the years that makes […]

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Favors

Fast and Easy Pumpkin Favors

Tweet My second son’s first birthday was right before Halloween. This made planning a theme pretty easy. Pumpkin favors anyone? Actually my idea for the favors came a year ago. I remember the bliss (seriously!) of lying in the hospital and watching TV. It was […]

A Cheap & Easy DIY Toddler Costume

A Cheap & Easy DIY Toddler Costume

Every year for Halloween my challenge is this. Create a costume out of the things you have or do it as cheaply as you can.

A few ideas from Halloween’s past include:

1. Pumpkin Pi

Pumpkin Pi


2. A basketball player and movie star couple.

3. Trash. To make this one I stuck double-sided tape on a shirt, grabbed newspaper and recycled paper balled them up and stuck them on it.

This year with a toddler to dress up, I decided to attempt a DIY costume. Bam Bam from Flintstones seemed easiest. And it was. I didn’t even use a sewing machine or measuring tape to create it.

All I needed were the following:

  • Square pieces of precut fabric from Walmart ($3 total)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Velcro
  1. I basically folded and cut the brown fabric to create Bam Bam’s sash. Then, hand sewed it together.
  2. I cut a bone out of white felt and sewed around it.
  3. Next I cut a hole in the brown fabric and threaded the bone through it and sewed it in.
  4. Bam Bam’s bottom was pretty easy as well. I just sewed velcro strips to hold the “skirt” together, cut the bottom of the leopard fabric for that raggedly look and then sewed the sash onto it.

Here are the results:

And with the little one and his daddy:

Barney and Bam Bam

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A Batty Idea

A Batty Idea

Tweet I don’t usually do much decorating for Halloween. But this year with a new toddler in tow, I was inspired to do something fast, easy and out of reach. After finding this bat template online, I scrounged around for some leftover construction paper and […]

Release the Net

Release the Net

Tweet I have a net that seeks to capture every jumping fish in the ocean, every balloon in the sky of my mind. “Just in case,” it thinks. “I might need it for a rainy day.” The things I need to pack, the conversation I need […]

DIY Ornaments

DIY Ornaments

Yesterday I accomplished the fun and not-so-difficult challenge of creating my own ornaments. While the process was long, the actual tackling of it was easy. You won’t believe how cheap it was either. Basically, you need citrus fruits, ornament hooks, a paint brush, modge-podge, glitter and a cookie sheet.

And the results?

DIY Ornament

Pretty sweet.

You may have remembered our tree sans homemade ornament:

Christmas tree

Well after I took the above ingredients, 4 hours later my tree looked like this:

Citrus tree

Ok I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me step back a bit.

First, I gathered a bunch of lemons. Yes they are lemons, but I keep calling them oranges cause in the end they looked a lot like their fruity cousins.


After slicing them (I learned as uniform as possible is best since the oven will heat them differently), I placed them on a baking sheet and stuck them in the oven at 200 degrees for 3-4 hours.

Baking lemons

This is what happens when you cut some thin and some thicker. You get some dried ones, some not-so-dry ones and some scorchers.

Lemons in the oven

After leaving them out of the oven and even drying them in the sun for an hour, I grabbed a bottle of modge-podge, painted a thin coat on, dusted some Martha Stewart orange glitter (that I used for this past craft) and waited yet again.

How to make your own ornaments

I only baked a dozen or so. But they were enough to fill our itsy-bitsy tree this year.Baking lemons

Drying lemons

After hooking them with metal hooks, they were ready:

Christmas Tree

In the day, they were colorful. But at night?

Lemon Christmas tree

Simply glowing!

Christmas tree fun

Hope you all have a great Christmas! I know the season brings lots of craziness and busy-ness too, but don’t forget to take time to take care of yourself. But check back here next week. I’m preparing for the biggest giveaway I’ve ever had. Stay tuned next week to find out what it is and the easy way you can win it all.

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The Things That Scare You Most

The Things That Scare You Most

Tweet It’s Halloween guys. Whether you’re choosing to celebrate the season in costume, passing out candy, or being an old fuddy-duddy like me and doing nothing, it’s hard not to be cognizant of theme of the holiday. F-E-A-R! It’s my nemesis and my bestfriend. It […]

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