A Quick Way to Discover What You Desire

{photo by MaxStraeten via Morguefile}

{photo by MaxStraeten via Morguefile}

Quick! Answer this.

In heaven, there would be unlimited __________________.

In a Q&A book about relationships, my husband and I individually answered the question.

My response?

Ice cream and hugs. Of course. Sweets and love.

His response?


Never mind trying to figure out what you most want. This one will get you to the heart of what really matters. Plus, it’s fun.

If you answered connection and relaxation, you might benefit from my next workshop for moms. Find out more about it here.

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Feeling stuck?

I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit. It’s that bored, shadow feeling that creeps up on me after a huge project has been completed, an overwhelming challenge has been successfully overcome and a lull falls where a high once was. It’s a good thing, but it’s also a little unsettling.

With that being said, I know of many people who’d rather the lulls, the routine, the comfort of knowing what comes next. That’s not me. That’s why I’m a writer. I love weekends checking out my calendar and inbox to find up what’s up for the following week.

For those of you who feel stuck, however, I’ve written up a new post over on LinkedIn. It’s my first one and don’t know if it’s something I will continue to do. But I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

Click on over to read my 5 Powerful Untruths That Keep You Stuck.

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How Sickness Can Cure What Ails You

{Etsy pillow from littlechrissy}

Etsy pillow from littlechrissy

Every time I get sick, it feels like Christmas. I’m not a masochist. But throughout the years, I realized that illness can be healing, if you let it.

Let me explain.

These last few days, I’ve been sick with a cold:

1. *My blood sugar has been normal.

2. My thyroid has been balanced.

3. I feel refreshed.

Being sick forces me to rest. Yesterday was the first time in a long while that I just drew for the fun of it.

Being sick reminds me that I’m not invincible.

Being sick puts my priorities in order.

It’s unfortunate that it takes illness for me to stop and simply be. Hopefully, you’ll read this so it doesn’t have to get that bad before you take notice.

Once you are under the weather, it’s a red flag that maybe you need to nourish yourself not just when you’re ill, but when you’re well too. Here’s how:

How to Use Illness to Cure What Ails You

1. If you’re having trouble just sitting. Meditate or even better look for a yoga nidra class, or app online. It’s like taking a nap and is amazingly restorative.

2. Don’t use your time off from work to catch up on chores or do errands.

3. Give your body a break. Just breathe.

4. Cozy up with a warm blanket. Drink a glass of tea. Lie down on the couch and really let yourself feel the breeze.

5. Listen to soothing music.

6. Drink a glass of iced water with a twist of lemon in it.

7. Put on your spa robe and slippers.

8. Write all the things your body would tell you if it could talk.

9. Do something super duper nice for yourself.

10. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for the hundred million things you should be doing. Instead, enjoy this moment. Use it as the rest your body has been needing.

*Usually when you have a cold, it’s the opposite.

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Words to Live By

I’m a quote hoarder. I’ve got books and books filled with them. I’ve never stopped collecting inspiring words from wise people, but I have been slack on creating lately.

As a way to force me to create again, I decided to start a new feature that intertwines my love for drawing and collecting quotes. Hope you enjoy them!

Quote and drawing

I wasn’t a big fan of screenwriter, director and actor Billy Bob Thornton before, but it’s hard not to love him after hearing his wise words on Oprah’s Master Class.

Billy Bob Thornton Quote


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The Uninspiring Life of a Writer

{Etsy art by MadameBricolage}

{Etsy art by MadameBricolage}

There are many uninspiring moments in a writer’s life.

There are moments of thinking.

There are the lulls in between projects and assignments.

There is the soft click of the keyboard

and then the unsettling sound of pauses in between.

There is the rapid beat of one’s heart

and the ache of the unknown.

There are many head banging on the table moments

when mistakes, errors and failures build to an excruciating low.

There is the cry of desperation alongside the smell of burnt coffee as your dreams sit in the hands of someone you don’t even know.

There is the sorrow, the sigh, the sweetness of writer’s high.

The downpour of emotions and the underwhelming release after a project’s done.

A writer’s life is only seen in success

the fresh smell of a newly published book,

the printed page,

the blog.

But all those ordinary moments it took to get there,

is really just days passing into a blur,

breathing in and out,

boring and ordinary,

sleeves up,

mind lost in thought,

staring out windows,

waiting, writing

and waiting once more.

And then the day is done,

a few sentences paired down,

a few words added,

a query sent out,

a fear faced,

and then we kiss the night,

ready to start again

come morn.

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10 Ways to Have an Inspiring Summer

{Etsy photo by IslayCorners}

{Etsy photo by IslayCorners}

Summer is peeking from under the spring showers. It’s finally here! Here’s how to transform the next warm months into a real Midsummer Night’s Dream:

1) Spend the night under the stars. Take a tent or a sleeping bag and let the starry sky be your ceiling for the night.

2) Plant something flowery or fruity in your garden. Same time next year, you’ll be able to savor the fruits of your labor.

3) Indulge in a “guilty” pleasure. Be it mindless reality TV, a dirty novel, or a rich, decadent treat.

4) Rent a bike or take your own through your neighborhood. Let the wind brush your skin and the sun’s ray dance across your face.

5) Set an intention. Every meditation, yoga practice, and successful achievement often begins with an intention. What would you like for your summer? To play, to feel free, to heal and be healthy? Create a vision for what you want and take mini steps to achieve it.

6) Elevate your senses. Listen to live music or the sound of crickets on a summer night. Introduce your tastebuds to a new type of food. Buy silk sheets or run your fingers through blades of grass or grains of sand. Visit a rose garden. Watch a sunset.

7) Learn something new. Let this be the summer you finally take that hula/cooking/gardening/singing class!

8) Finish it. That craft project that’s been sitting on your desk, the paperwork that turned into a paper tower, the bench that you half-finished, the book that you started but abandoned…Commit to finishing something you started months ago and feel how good it feels to check it off your list.

9) Make a commitment to yourself. Perhaps you let your own desires go or you’ve forgotten about the girl who used to climb trees and draw to her hearts content. Make a commitment this summer to return to yourself. Do something every day this summer to bring you closer to you. Who are you now? What are your goals? Is there a part of you that still desires drawing, writing, and climbing trees? See if you can bring her back at least for the summer season.

10) Take a grateful breath. The older you get, the faster life goes. Take a moment, even if it’s at a stoplight to inhale and be grateful for where you are now. Be grateful for the fact that you are here, that you have someone to love, that someone loves you, that you have had magical moments in the past and you will have more in the future. Be grateful for music, for laughter, for the joy that children seem to be born with. Be grateful for the moment even if it’s a difficult one. We never know how we will be changed by everything we go through.

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Get Reconnected

{Etsy photo from here.}

{Etsy photo from here.}

On my last post, I delved into the signs of spiritual disconnection. Funny how we’re so plugged in these days with everything, but the things we should be plugged into. It just feels more productive to do the laundry or finish work than it does devoting time to meditating or doing yoga. The superficialities of this world are so deceptive that on a day to day basis we’re not even aware of the harm in doing it. In a year’s time, however, and beyond, we start to feel it. It’s a deep ache, a calling for something more. If you’ve been feeling that way these days, read on for tips on how to reconnect with yourself, your soul, and your greater purpose.

  1. Douse yourself in spirituality. You may not need to bathe yourself in holy water to reconnect or even attend a church service. All it could take is a switch of the television. Skip the junk food for your mind shows, and watch or read about people who have found their calling, spiritual path or are just a positive influence. Some of my favorite spiritual influencers include Pastor Joel Osteen, podcasts from SoundsTrue, books like Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, but also reality TV show The Little Couple and Super Soul Sunday.
  2. Be in silence. Monks and nuns and other spiritual people take a vow of silence. Why? Because when you turn off your electronics, you tune into yourself. Devote a few moments to listening to your breath. If you’re patient and open to listening, you might hear the answers you’ve been looking for.
  3. Move your body. Dancing, walking, yoga, biking. These are all things that can move you closer to spirituality. When you’re in tune when your physical body, you become more aware and connected with your inner soul.
  4. Express your spirituality. Express yourself through writing, painting,or by talking with a spiritual advisor. Letting what’s inside out can bring you closer to your soul’s calling.
  5. Breathe in nature. It could be a walk around your block or a hiking trip. Just being in the presence of trees, birds, stars, waves and sunlight can defrost the coldest of hearts. There’s nothing like Mother Earth to remind us that while our potential is infinite, we are but tiny ants in this gigantic world.
  6. Spend time with pets and kids. Your weight. Your social life. Your job. These are the external dramas that distract us from what’s going on inside. Want a quick reminder of what’s important? Spend a moment with animals and babies. They’ll instantly teach you the importance of what really matters-love.
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