5 Ways to Move Toward Inspiration

{Etsy print by SpoiledRoyalStudios}

{Etsy print by SpoiledRoyalStudios}

Not many people realize it. But inspiration takes work. If you’re feeling uninspired, read these top 10 ways you can lift your spirit, nourish your soul and dig into what really matters. You may find it’s surprisingly easy to get your inspiration on. Jump in and be inspired!

1) Move your nose.

One way to get inspired is to tickle your senses. Smell is a powerful memory keeper and maker. A whiff of suntan lotion can take me back to the beach while the smell of plumerias returns me to my youth.

Try it: Visit a tea shop and breathe in the various subtle scents. Linger at a perfume counter. Revisit an old relationship through a past fragrance. Before you eat a meal, close your eyes and inhale deeply.

2) Move your toes.

Thank you Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat for bringing attention to this often neglected part of our bodies. Toes are fun, playful, and can inspire us if we let it.

Try it: Wiggle out of your shoes for once and walk barefoot at home or outdoors. Feel the dirt or sand in between them. Get a pedicure to celebrate them.

Blue toes

*UpDate – Yes my foot looks like a hand. It’s pretty freaky actually! But try not to think about that. I really wanted to show you my bold new blue nail polish. I had fun with this one and for a good cause too. The Hoala spa at Ala Moana did a spa-a-thon tonight and participated in the cut-a-thon a few weeks ago. All the proceeds to these pampering services went to the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, which helps improve water quality on the island of Oahu.

3) Move your ears.

We take our hearing for granted. Traffic, ear buds, the news, all can desensitize us to the beauty of sound.

Try it: Go on a sound fast. Shut off your television and computer. Turn off your smart phone. Leave your e-reader on your nightstand. The best thing I ever did for myself was go on a silent retreat. It was so quiet, the frogs outside appeared to be croaking in stereo sound. If you can’t go away on a formal retreat, create a silent weekend, day, hour or even a moment to let your ears fast.

4) Move your mind.

Puzzles have been shown to prevent memory loss. But if it’s not your thing, don’t do it. There are other ways to sharpen the mind and welcome inspiration.

Try it: Take that class that you’ve always wanted to try. Be bold. Be courageous! Remember what it was like to be a babe when everything was new. Do something that would make your friend look at you in awe and say, “You! You did that?!”

5) Move your body.

Dance, play, build, create. Do something that involves your entire body. Shake off what’s bothering you. Loosen what’s tight.

Try it: Get a massage. Take a dance class. Do tai chi at home. Try yoga. The more ridiculous you feel, the better. You’re not trying to win an award. You’re trying to release the fears attached to making a fool of yourself. You’re trying to let openness in. Move your body and you will create more flow and zeal in your life.

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Finding Your Life’s Purpose

I used to think that finding your purpose was as impossible as finding your keys on a busy morning. It was something you couldn’t do on your own. And it had to involve a little hair pulling and be stress inducing.

So I did that. I confronted it the way I did any problem. I used my left brain, researching like crazy, spending hours in bookstores and libraries pouring over job descriptions in the hope that I would eventually find my answer.

Of course, I didn’t find it. Because digging for truth from external resources never gets you to where you want to go. The only way to find out what you were meant to do is listen. You already know.

{I took that frame with my iPhone so forgive the wavy lines.}

The moment we’re desperately seeking something we’re forgetting our own inner wisdom. The intuitive voice that says, “Remember how you used to love creating stories when you were a kid,” or “think about all the time you spend taking pictures as a teen.” It’s that little spark of energy you feel when you’re doing something you thoroughly love. It’s the activities that make you feel like you’re in the flow. It’s an experience that years after it happened touched you and now you’re changed forever.

A dream isn’t something that needs to be discovered. A dream is already there.

It could have been planted as a seed from the time you were born or it could have grew into an entirely different plant as you’ve gotten older.

Your dreams are an already existing garden. Why haven’t you found it yet? You’ve let the weeds grow over your passion because of time, fear, and the dream killers who you’ve allowed to dictate your life.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, confused about what you want to do with the rest of your life, stop asking others for help. Stop perusing the career section in your local bookstore. Instead, peer down into your neglected past. Remember your roots and nourish the moments that you used to love, but forgot about. Cultivate your passions and you will eventually rediscover that garden and those precious seeds you planted as a child.

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