It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Well turkey day is finally over and I’m happy to say I survived the gluttonous holiday with my waistline and sanity in check. I even managed to fit in moments of gratitude. It was no small feat, when you consider the common woes of the season: buyer’s remorse, family drama and disappointment.

Onto the next holiday…

I started decorating my home with last year’s DIY cheap, but crafty Christmas ideas. Here are my old winter crafts in my new pad:

DIY Snowglobe

Thankfully they were shipped virtually unscathed all the way from San Jose, California to Hawaii. Inspired by my favorite store-Anthropologie, it required two Mason jars, decorative paper, foam balls and miniature Christmas trees from Michaels. Go here for the info.


Here’s another project I attempted myself. This one left me with a few burned fingers from the hot glue {P.S. Kids don’t try this without an adult.}

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

My easiest craft yet. Pipe cleaners and foam shaped trees. Just wrapped the pipe cleaners around the tree and that’s it! It’s one of my favorite 5-minute holiday crafts.

Scarf wreath

This year I’m sleep-deprived and house bound with a new baby so I gathered what I had around the house. Basically, I took an embroidery sewing ring and a holiday scarf and wrapped it around to make myself a wreath. And I knew the perfect place to hang it…

Scarf wreath craft

The next wreath I dreamed up with some wire, foam balls from last year, a gold leaf Christmas ornament I bought from New York a few  years ago and leftover ribbon.

DIY Wreath

You also need scissors to cut the wire and pliers to hold one end of the wire so you can thread the balls through. Here’s a closeup:

Foam balls

It makes for a very untraditional wreath with a modern twist.

Foam wreath

This year is extra special with our little guy. We’re looking forward to getting a tree and doing a few more holiday DIY crafts.

What are you up to this year?

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This is Dedicated to Those Grieving the Loss of One Earring

{For anyone sad about their lonely leftover earring, you’ll appreciate this post.}

I had a pair of golden earrings that I loved. So much. And then one day, I noticed there was just one.

Sadly, I still don’t know what happened to that other earring. But I kept it just in case it would appear.

Months later it still hasn’t shown up. So I finally accepted it would never return and decided to do something about it.

I looked at the back of the earring and noticed it was loosely hooked on so I used my fingernail to open the jump ring (that circular ring that has a tiny opening) and released the earwire (the curvy wire that goes into your ear).

Voila! The earring was just a pendant now.

Then, I looked in my jewelry box for an gold chain. When I found one, I tried to thread it through the earring hook in the back. No dice!

That’s when I had to get ghetto and use my teeth. (You could use pliers, but I was too lazy to find one.) Thank goodness the gold was soft and the necklace’s jump ring easily smashed down into an oval shape. The perfect shape to fit through the earring/pendant.

It was a five minute job and here is the result:

Here’s another shot set against those DIY clipboards I made awhile back.

And butterfly art.

Gold necklace

I’m pretty happy with the result. Do you have any easy project you have done lately that you’re proud of? Share it please.

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Creative Friday: Homemade Valentine’s Cards

I thought about sending traditional Valentine’s Day cards from the store this year. It was a no-brainer. But when I really thought about it, it just didn’t make any sense. I had hundreds of extra envelopes leftover from my wedding invitations and Paper-Source blank bookmarks that I never used. Thinking that it would be cheaper and more personal to create my own, I decided to scrap my original boring idea and work on a homemade bookmark/V-day card instead.

Here are the results:

The middle cards were super easy. For the second time, I reused old mini calendars (because I loved the graphic design on them), and cut mini hearts out of the leftovers. I used double-sided tape to adhere them to the premade bookmarks and then tied leftover wedding ribbon through each. The bookmark on the right was hand-painted and the first bookmark on the left was created with beads, leftover cross-stitch thread, paint and hearts from the mini calendars. They were the perfect recipe for reuse and upcycle Valentine’s day cards.

I just threw in a local chocolate and the bookmark into these perfectly sized wedding invite envelopes and I was done. Hope my family likes them!

Oh and I found leftover labels too. It was a great way to add my stamp and send them off with a short message.

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