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5 Reasons You’re Still Stuck

5 Reasons You’re Still Stuck

Tweet It’s been several years since your last big idea. But you’re still reading or watching about other people’s dreams while yours fades in the distance. If you’ve wondered why you haven’t “made it” yet. Scroll through the following list to see if you’re guilty […]

What Lies Are Holding You Back?

What Lies Are Holding You Back?

Tweet For me, it was: “You’re not creative. You’re not talented enough. No one’s going to really believe you’re a writer. Writer’s don’t make $. You’re nothing special. There are millions of people more talented than you so why try?” Deep in the dark, dusty […]

Feeling Stuck Sucks

Feeling Stuck Sucks

When I was in Hawaii, I did my usual hike with my dad. It was the same route we’ve done since I was a kid. After about the tenth time, I used to sing to keep myself from boredom.

This time, however, I brought my camera.

As I shook my leg to ward off mosquitoes, the way a horse swats flies with its tail, I began to appreciate how ordinary things look pretty extraordinary when you look at it through the lens of a camera.


the things you notice when you begin to see...


Take this bamboo, for example. It’s something I grew up eating and watching sway back and forth in the mountains. But I never knew it could look like a star or a snowflake, until I peered inside.


death can be beautiful too.


And I almost passed this one by as I walked head down through the well-worn trail. While the first photo captured the youth and vitality of a supple bamboo, this photo showed another bamboo which had been dried up of life, fallen passed its prime. It was still there, root in ground. And still beautiful.


I realized it was all about perspective. Sometimes you need to look for the bright light in a dark, boding tunnel.

Sometimes the answers are hidden. Sometimes they are small and insignificant from afar, but life-changing when up close like moss on a tree.

But the key is to open your eyes and begin to see things in a new way. Change your perspective. Be open to possibility. Appreciating that you will eventually find what it is your are looking for. Zoom in on your life like a camera zooming in on its subject and you will discover what you thought was nothing, was really an open door.

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